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Borsari Seasoning

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Has anyone ever used this seasoning? Favorite uses?

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  1. I'd never heard of it, so I had to look it up. http://borsarifoods.com/products.html

    Which version did you get?

    They have recipe ideas on their site (which I presume you saw), but you might get other ideas from their FB page. From the description, I'd venture roast chicken would be a good app! ;-)). Or make goujons from chicken. Nothing like a little fried chicken! http://serenasmediumrare.blogspot.com...

    1. Gotta jump in here....if even a year later :) we LOVE this stuff....especially on salmon or any other fish. I use the original and even make my own...although I have yet to figure out proportions to give me the same result....but kind of close. It's a great product and worth the cost.