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Apr 5, 2013 09:41 PM

36 Hours in San Diego (per the NYT)

They hit some high notes (e.g. Carnitas Snack Shack, Island Style Cafe), some odd notes (e.g. C Level, Northgate Mkt), notes SD's strength in craft beers, spot picks some good java joints and treads into the dangerous waters that are the "best fish tacos" ...


Read it all here:

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  1. The Desi Arnaz at C Level?? what...did BC write this pastel article for them? The NYT, what'd you expect, they should have taken the H2O shuttle has some mussel bisque and read some CH threads before they composed this little gem. Completely worthless.

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      1. re: cstr

        I think C Level for happy hour is a spot-on recommendation for visitors that are out looking for a great view and a cocktail. I certainly would recommend it to visitors over the meat market Vegas-wannabe rooftop locations in the gaslamp. If we had more places with scenic views + adult beverages it wouldn't be on the list, but that's San Diego.

        I am more incensed that of 3 breweries they pick in SD, they chose Lightning which isn't regarded as even one of the top 10 in San Diego. Then again, the NYT usually bungles the beer scene out here.

      2. Remember - this was not a food article!!! Not everyone coming to SD is going to center their trip around food and drinks but the article pointed them to some gems - i.e. Carnitas Snack Shack, Viva Pops and Societe Brewery.

        I think Northgate would be really interesting to people in many parts of the country. When I was a tourist coming here from Brooklyn, that place would have blown my mind.

        Its a broad article that caters to the wider audience and would send them to many places that would be worth seeing on a vacation.

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          The article centers itself around destinations, really, to see and eat, so I'll sorta give you the see but, not the eat, sans carnita's snack shack.