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Apr 5, 2013 08:02 PM

Affordable and good dining places in Paris.

Would love help from fellow experience chouwhounders who lives and has travelled to Paris.

Will be statying at Citadines at St Germain and we love awesome food and afforadable prices (basically where locals dine).
We love places off the beaten track as well.

Any recommendations on good cafes and pattiseries?

We will be at sights like the Louvre, Sacre Coure/Montmartte,Eiffel Tower, Arch De Tromphe, Cathedral of Notre Dame and Sainte-Chapelle.So preferbly closer to these sights as well.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. I think you should start with the search engine, tons of information in archive :-)

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    1. re: oferl

      Ditto: Search Cheap eats; Student, Reasonable, Moderate.
      Tell us of these results what sort of places appeal.
      With 8,000 restos, it's hard to point without a pointer.

    2. In the 6th, I recommend these bistros, young chefs doing out of the box cooking. Great stuff, some of the best Paris has to offer. I much prefer these to the Michelin places, and Parisians seemingly do also.

      Aux 2 Oliviers
      LaCuisine de Phillippe
      Point Bulles
      La Bastide d'Opio
      Les Bistronautes.

      Parnessian can add his coments about these places...

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      1. re: lemarais

        Lemarais, a pretty good list... bravo! St Germain des Prés is always a challenge... too many tourists and suburbanites, high prices, over-hyped restaurants, formulaic cuisine, etc. But your selection does indeed stand out for value and quality. Surprisingly (because I'm not too fond of clichés), my favourite is the most trad of your choices, La Cuisine de Philippe. It's just so foutrement charmant that the trad but updated nosh tastes better than it probably is. Point Bulles, I'm in and out of love with it... when the Lebanese owner/ chef is in the kitchen it's magic ... the French-Lebanese fusion can be very inspired-- and inspiring... but he seems to be more often in Beirut these days ... still, who can resist a good quail kebab with pistachio sauce, eh? ... I go frequently because I like the champagne bar formula (and the Sunday night jazz and running into old uni friends spending their ungodly bond-trader bonuses on freely shared bottles of champagne) but no longer many aha moments on the food side because the menu is pretty unchanging. La Bastide d'Opio is indeed quite an unexpectedly good find on the boozy rue Guisarde... the chef tries hard and usually succeeds but I would quibble about the consistency that a realIy good restaurant needs... and I only go in winter now after a purgatorial dinner there last summer... the food is indeed great but not good enough to risk heat stroke ... like so many restaurants in Paris, the ventilation sucks... and for some reason, it gets heavily patronized by the louder sort of Brit.

        1. re: Parnassien

          Well, your praise here is like a Légion d'Honneur, Parnassien! Merci!

          I seem to recall that Bastide d'Opio was in some movie, or perhaps "Spiral" (Engrenages). Is that right?

          1. re: lemarais

            Blush blush... it's just that we have the same tastes so mutual admiration is inevitable

            I dunno if Bastide d'Opio was used in Engrenages... i became de-addicted after season 2... but it is very photogenic place so I wouldn't be surprised. And it might explain why it gets so many British customers now that Engrenages/ Spiral has a cult following in the UK. And a coincidence: While waiting for a pal on the terrace of Le Select, I overheard a Caroline Proust-lookalike (or maybe even it was her) making arrangements on her mobile to meet someone for dinner at Bastide d'Opio. Neat, huh? :)

            1. re: Parnassien

              Deaddicted? Well, I've only seen Season 1 so far, but it is quite like a drug. All 3 seasons are here on Netflix. Not to mention that my wife just wants to look at Fitoussi. Lol.

              I heard that when it was out, it was the most popular show in all Europe.