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Apr 5, 2013 07:45 PM

Reservations? Rome and Italy newbie

How key are reservations in Rome? If we are likely to eat early - will we need them?

I've been reading through the threads on Rome for my trip in mid May. Lots of great info. We've purchased one of the food apps (my friend says it is great). Staying in Trastevere. I'm hoping to keep meals under 30 euro/head - probably not going to do any fine dining this trip. Lastly I love vegetables (but not vegetarian). If there are any places that highlight vegetables really well?

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  1. You probably haven't received any replies because these questions come up all the time and are probably answered somewhere here. If you have been through the Rome threads, it could be helpful if you asked specific questions about specific places you've read about.

    In general trattorias don't do justice to the fabulous local vegetables. Nerone has a good antipasto buffet with vegetables.

    Reservations are usually a good idea, even though you don't need to reserve far ahead. During the week, even an hour or less can be sufficient.

    1. (in general, not only for Rome)

      I reserve in advance for restaurants that I really want to go to; especially in a city I do not know well (first/second time I visit).