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Apr 5, 2013 07:07 PM

Best Chorizo & Eggs / ALTs in Palm Springs

The last couple times I was in Palm Springs (once for Coachella, a couple times not) I discovered the locals all make chorizo and eggs. I stopped off at the worst borderline-fast food place in Desert Hot Springs, and even there the chorizo and eggs rocked. And then they were grilling it at a pool party there...

I also had a local avocado lettuce and tomato (ALT) w/ bacon on a brioche bun that was amazing... any places known for this?


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  1. If you like chorizo and eggs then I'll suggest you kick it up another notch and try the chilaquiles, eggs and chorizo at Tacqueria Los Anaya on West Adams. Great stuff. See a thread on it here: One other place I like the chorizo and eggs is at Ronnie's Diner in the far western reaches of Culver City (it's really more Marina Del Rey than anything else). They do a fantastic chorizo and egg bowl that they layer on the bottom with two tortillas, then red potatoes (ask for the potatoes well done/crispy) then eggs and chorizo with cheese, slices of ripe avocado and sour cream. Only available for breakfast.