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Apr 5, 2013 06:56 PM

Best Thai in UES

that will deliver to 96th St? Thanks for any advice!

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  1. Jaiya is the best. They say that they deliver within 15 blocks, and they're btw 80-81 on 2nd, so ask. Note that their spicy is very, very spicy (I usually ask for "American spicy", even tho I like hot spice).

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      Thank you, Gary! The menu looks great. Just called and they do deliver to 96th. Can't wait to try it. Any recommended dishes?

    2. I loved their vegetarian soup (and I'm a meat eater), also the lard duck appetizer and the excellent papaya salad (it's spicy!). The vegetable spring roll is the only dish I haven't been happy with (mushy filling). Hope you enjoy it.

      1. At first glance there are plenty of Thai restaurants on the UES, but few worth ordering from. The only delivery place I've found that is consistently good (as in decent) is Gong.

        1. Thanks, Gary, for that recommendation! Jaiya is truly outstanding. Had delivery last night and enjoyed everything we ordered. Even something as simple as coconut soup (Tom Kha) was a revelation compared to other Thai places, so rich and velvety. Looking forward to trying other dishes!