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Apr 5, 2013 06:14 PM

Spiny Lobster

I tried this a couple of years ago but it was the wrong season; I think they may be avaiable now. Anyone know where to get spiny lobsters, preferably cooked and served in a restaurant setting? They used to be readily available but I can't find them these days.

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    1. re: ebethsdad

      Figures. My bad for not paying attention. Are they still available in Ensenda? I am too old and lazy to drive down for a meal, but curious. Thanks.

      1. re: magiccat

        I suggest you wait until next year and drive down to this place:!loc...
        If I recall correctly it is a hidden gem, and it is much closer than Ensenada. Best of luck.

      2. re: ebethsdad

        From the FAQ on Calif. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife:

        "Q. When does recreational lobster season "technically" start - the actual time it opens?

        A. Recreational lobster season opens at 12:00:01 AM on the Saturday preceding the first Wednesday of October and closes at 12:00:00 PM (midnight) on the first Wednesday after the 15th of March."

      3. Vince;s Fish Market and Restaurant in Rosarito serves live spiny lobsters pretty much year around.

        After the season ends up north, the season begins in Baja Sur.

        Also, the restaurants in Puerto Nuevo serve bugs all year around, but the most common practice is to ship in par-boiled and frozen ones. There might be restaurants in Puerto Nuevo that serve fresh, but the ones that I knew are no longer in business. You can drive down there, park in the secured parking and have a fun day, walking around the village in search of your perfect lobster meal.