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Apr 5, 2013 05:28 PM

Recommendations for lunch near Greensboro science center

Have five people, one which is an active 3 year old, looking to lunch near Greensboro Science center. Giacomos is out. Looking at Pastabilities, Mythos, lox stock and bagel, positano, village tavern, Vietnamese garden, imperial koi. Any of these better than another? Other recs? Maybe gnam gnam for dessert?

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  1. Village Tavern is pretty good. I live near there now! VG is ok. Lox, Stock and Bagel is crowded all the time and excellent for sandwiches. But you might have to wait longer than comfortable with the little one. I haven't been to any of the others. Yet.

    If you can go a little out of your way, Lucky 32 is a local favorite that's a little more upscale. I always see little kids in there. They have local produce for sale by the front door, which I seriously appreciate.

    1. Oh also, there's always Stamey's. I love it but I might have a sentimental attachment. My dear departed daddy used to take me there when I would visit from Charleston. It's big, fast, and that might help with the 3 year old.

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        Without allowing the thread to devolve into the old NC BBQ hobby horse, Stamey's is still a great example of Lexington style Q; though I admit to having most recently been a year ago.

      2. You can get sandwiches and other dishes, in addition to gelato, at Gnam Gnam. With a three year old, sticking with one place might be easier.

        Another idea would be to pick up picnic items from Fresh Market and eat outside at the Guilford Courthouse battleground park.

        Of the other places you mentioned, none get me very excited though I admit that of them I only have been to Village Tavern and Vietnamese Garden within the past year and am not a fan of either restaurant. Village Tavern is too much like an Applebee's and the bowl of pho I had at VG was the most disappointing example of that dish I have ever consumed. When a Vietnamese restaurant doesn't have Asian servers, watch out.

        I am very partial to the veggie plate at the New Garden Diner, a restaurant that is utterly lacking in atmosphere. The kind of restaurant I typically wouldn't set foot in, I discovered by accident that most, if not all, of their vegetables are fresh. I never eat anything else there, though my teenage daughter says they make a decent burger.

        1. Big Burger Spot

          Something for everyone.

          Excellent ! Try the Truffle Fries

          1. How do Pastabilities and Positano fare?