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Apr 5, 2013 04:57 PM

Tempura in Manhattan?

Is there an upscale tempura-only restaurant in Manhattan, such as Ten-Ichi or Tenmasa in Tokyo?

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  1. I have never found any tempura in Manhattan that even compares to better Tempura places i.e. Kondo, in Tokyo. In Tokyo they train for years, have the sesame oil temperature timing, and have vegetables that you don't see here. I wish there was a good tempura place in NYC

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    1. re: foodwhisperer

      Well now that we've established there's no NYC tempura that compares to Tokyo....can anyone recommend a good tempura restaurant for the area? Thanks!

      1. re: deabot

        to my knowledge there isn't any tempura specialists in NY anymore. if you go to soba koh in general i find they have reasonably decent tempura (get some cold uni ikura soba as well)

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          The person sitting next to me at Sushi Zen last night had tempura dish-quite huge and it looked amazing. I didn't inquire how it tasted but he sure looked like he was enjoying it. And he didn't offer me a bite!

      2. doesn't exist as foodwhisperer, the last tempura specialist in NY closed down a long time ago

        1. Man I agree. I had killer tempura in Tokyo and I have no clue where to find that in NYC.