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Apr 5, 2013 04:06 PM


I am arranging a dinner to celebrate my daughter's graduation and was wondering about Peppone.

Haven't been there in a long time, and reviews I have read recently are mixed.

Anybody have any insight?

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  1. Went there about a year ago, having not been there for a couple of years. (I then remembered why it took so long for us to return). The service was abysmal. We had a reservation and were seated in the bar, which was depressing as hell. The food, to be charitable, was mediocre. I order the filet mignon meatballs, which some rave about. The meatballs were tasteless and served in a marinara sauce which tasted as if it came from a jar (Rao's jarred marinara is better). I can't remember what my husband ordered, but I know he was equally disappointed. The prices were over-the-top, similar to Capo, but Capo, at least serves great food. I will never return to Peppone. Too many other Italian restaurants in the area which are so much better. We really enjoy Toscana, and Peppone makes Toscana seem like a bargain. We also like The Brentwood, just around the corner from Peppone. Great menu, good food and service and a nice venue for a celebration.

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      I haven't been in 3-4 years. I've had some good steaks there, and don't recall it being as expensive as Capo. If it is now, yikes.
      They've always had about the best priced winelist in town for aged good wines. That's the only reaon I'd go.

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        Agree that they have a well-priced winelist. I know that some restaurants even buy wine from Peppone

    2. I've actually been there twice in the past month, after not going for a couple years. Went the second time because the first time was soooo good. The veal chop parm is incredible, and the carpaccio is the best in town. Love the meatballs, too. The wine list is probably one of the best I've seen (it's enormous) with decent prices (we got a Montrachet for about $70)

      Brentwood, Toscana and Capo are all solid, as mentioned above, and about equal in price to Peppone.

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        "we got a Montrachet for about $70"

        With all due respect, this is not possible unless the restaurant mispriced the wine. Can you provide more details?

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          She probably meant a Puligny or Chassagne. I hear people call those "Montrachets" because of the hypenation all the time.

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            Yeah, that's the most likely explanation.
            That aside, at least up through 4-5 years back, Peppone would have wines at deals one could not find anywhere else in L.A.
            He/Gianni had a lot of stuff that he purechased back in the 80s/90s. IIRC some of it was priced just using an inflation/carry-cost multiplier that seemed like around 5% per year, applied to the winelist price at release. So one could get some aged wines based upon that release price, which was massively cheaper 20 years ago.
            I remember getting some great deals on aged Montebello.

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          Unfortunately, Peppone does not list prices online. I am absolutely convinced that their price points exceed The Brentwood. Toscana is expensive but not as expensive as Peppone and IMHO, the food is better. Also, Bar Toscana is a great option, offering a creative bar menu, great ambiance and good food. Capo is in a league of its own. I think that Gianni Paoletti, of Peppone, lost his creative juices many years ago. I remember when Piero Selvaggio and Gianni split up after opening Peppone. Piero became a legendary restaurateur and visionary .

        3. Good but better choices probably prevail. Very good sand dabs. Kind of Dan Tanas lite.