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Jun 29, 2001 12:10 PM

Bragging rights in Dallas

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I am going to be meeting with some soap opera message board friends in Dallas, and I want to be able to take them to the best of the best!
I need a great Mexican restaurant, hopefully a cajun restaurant, and a BBQ place!
We don't want ANY chain restaurants!
The only chain we will go to, will be Joes Crab Shack, just because it will be for lunch, and it's a fun place!
Has anyone been to Joe's Crab Shack in Dallas, is it any good? The one in Kemah, Texas was great!
Almost all of the girlzzz are from out of state, and are willing to endure the August heat, so I want to make sure, they are not disappointed in their meals!
We will probably be staying at one of the hotels downtown, and would prefer not to have to drive too far for dinner!
Also, we want to go to a comedy club, any suggestions?
Thanks a lot!


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  1. Sorry I can't help with tex-mex or cajun because I haven't been to my old haunts for a couple of years. I think I can say, without much dissent, that the original Sonny Bryant's (on Inwood) is the best 'cue in Dallas. IMO, the best burger on the planet is at Snuffer's on Greenville.

    My limited experience with Joe's Crab Shack (owned by Landry's restaurant group) is that I'd rather have toothpicks jammed in my eyes than ever tortured to that extent again. Probably had to with the terrible food and the repeated choruses of the Macarena screeched by the wait staff every 10 minutes.

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      Greg is right - please, do NOT eat at Joe's Crabshack. Definitely one of the worst food experiences I have ever had as well, at least at the Austin version - and I think the whole point is for them to be the same wherever you go.

      There must be something better in this vein. See if Dallas has a Pappadeaux's; the food is still chain but better basic quality to begin with. It's kind of "fun" and the wait staff will *not* stand on the tables and scream the macarena - this is not an exaggeration. It will happen. For some reason, I think they even had strobe lights going when they played the macarena four or five times while I was there - or maybe it was just the hideous processed seafood pulsating in time to the beat?

    2. For Cajun, there's TreeBeards downtown. Their red beans and rice are absolutely the best. Unfortunately, they may only be open for lunch, I don't think that there's anything blackened there and, though not exactly a chain, the original is still (I think) in a church cafeteria in Houston, with a branch in the tunnels (if not flooded by now). If you haven't had red beans and rice, you could be in for a carbo-extravaganza of a lifetime.

      1. There's a place called Herrera's (on Maple?) I used to hit for excellent Tex-Mex and reports from friends indicate it's as good as ever. Also, Primo's gets good reports from friends in Dallas for good food, a great scene and killer margs.

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          Sammie Echols

          Oh No! Not the Macrena!!
          We must have lucked out at the Kemah Joes! We only ate there once!
          I hate to hear this, the girls just think it will be a great time.
          I wouldn't eat at a Pappas restaurant if you threatened my life! Too noisy, too crowded to enjoy a meal.
          But thanks for the other tips, I will be checking them out!
          We have a year before we go,(I like to plan ahead) so I have plenty of time to plan all of this out!


          1. Great seafood rest. in Dallas is Daddy Jack's on Greeville ave. Very laid back atmosphere--get the lobster cake for appetizer. Make a reservation.