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Apr 5, 2013 01:10 PM

Your top five branché wine bars in Paris with a younger local crowd?

Looking for wine bars that would be fun for our 21 year old daughter to go to with us while we're in Paris staying in the 5eme.Doesn't have to be close to our hotel but central and hopefully with a younger local crowd on a Thursday or Friday night.She speaks OK french since she's spent this year studying there. I have on my list:

Café de la Nouvelle Mairie
Le Baron Rouge(not central I know)
La Cave des AbbessesLe Mauzac?
Would love your to hear your ideas!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. (Don't know what "branché" means nowadays in Paris).

    Les Papilles (30 Rue Gay-Lussac), could be nice.

    You could walk a little bit towards the 6th and "La Crèmerie" (9 Rue des 4 Vents), or its new-ish big brother "La Grande Crémerie" (8, rue Grégoire-de-Tours)

    Or to to "L'Avant Comptoir" (3 Carrefour de l'Odéon) standing room only for small bytes and wine.

    Also have a look at :


    1. Thanks Max.I'm hoping to go to wine bars that are local in feeling without a "foule des touristes". Which do you think best fits that ?

      1. There's a huge choice... where do we begin?

        I wouldn't focus on any one bar or eaterie but rather on the quartier. Exploring a few of the more interesting and youthful areas outside the tourist zones --and discovering the real-life Paris-- would, I hope, give a certain enjoyment to you and especially your daughter.

        If you learn how to judiciously use the bus, métro, and taxis and suppress the tourist tendency to foolishly walk everywhere, there are few places in Paris that can't be reached in 20 minutes. Just for the sheer convenience of no-change métro and/or bus routes, the Faubourg Saint-Denis (with the cour des Petites Ecuries as the epicentre) in the 10th ... Tribal Café in the cour des Petites Ecuries for a bar experience (and free couscous on Fri & Sat nights) that will probably appeal to daughter but not to parents, the neo-bistro Blah-Blah in the cour des Petites Ecuries, Les Majungais in the cour des Petites Ecuries for a cheap and cheerful taste of Madagascar, the café-bistro Chez Jeannette on the rue du Faubourg-St-Denis for trendy but not remarkable eats and flirty waiters, Vivant Cave on the rue des Petites Ecuries for a foodie wine-bar (but maybe a somewhat older 30-something clientèle reflecting the relatively higher prices)

        La Butte aux Cailles in the 13th ... absolutely charming "village" that has somehow escaped the antiseptic redevelopment so apparent in southern Paris... and on a warm summer evening humming with a youthful boy-meets-girl vibe... lots of students from the nearby Cité Universitaire (huge student housing complex).... Le Sputnik on the rue Butte aux Cailles for a bar experience, Chez Gladines on the rue Cinq Diamants for affordable and good basque nosh, Chez Mamane on the rue Cinq Diamants for superior Algerian couscous, Les Cailloux on the rue 5 Diamants for good to excellent Italian, Des Crêpes et des Cailles on the rue Butte aux Cailles for decent crêpes, l'Avant-Goût on the rue Bobillot for foodie-ish cuisine... and from the Latin Quarter, relatively easy to get to: less than a 10€ taxi ride/ #21 bus from the boulevard St Michel & rue Gay-Lussac to the Daviel stop/ #47 bus from rue Monge to the place d'Italie/ ligne 7 métro from Jussieu or place Monge to place d'Italie.

        Haut Marais in the 3rd... very trendy and very buzzing... the action is centered on the rue Bretagne which has a great selection of trendy cafes like Le Progrès, Le Charlot and le Sancerre... but my favourite wine-bars are Le Barav on the rue Charles-François-Dupuis and the new and ultra-trendy Le Mary Celeste (an excellent combo of wine, cocktails, and awesome bar food/oysters) on the rue Commines.

        Oberkampf in the 11th... just across the boulevard du Temple/ boulevard des Filles du Calvaire from the Haut Marais and to some extent the same youthful demographic ... L'Entrée des Artistes on the rue Crussol for great cocktails, vibe and bar nosh, l'Ober-Salé on the rue Oberkampf for a lovely bistro cheap enough to appeal to 20-somethings, the hyper-trendy Aux Deux Amis on the rue Oberkampf for tapas and people-watching on the terrace, the fabulous no-rezzie foodie-favourite Pierre Sang Boyer on the rue Oberkampf... not so easy to reach by métro from the Latin Quarter but the #96 bus from Cluny or St Michel gets you to both the Haut Marais and Oberkampf.

        Canal St Martin/ Villette in the 10th... the browsing 20-somethings tend to congregate along the very picturesque Canal St Martin and in a little ultra-charming patch centered on the place Sainte Marthe... Café Prune on the rue Beaurepaire is see-and-be-seen central but La Patache bar on the rue Lancry is also popular ... cluster of good to great eateries on avenue Richerand/rue Marie-et-Louise/ rue Bichat: Philou for bistro with updated cuisine and a great terrace, le Cambodge for Indochine nosh, Chez Marie-Louise for excellent bistro fare (but, because of its Michelin Bib, also gets a fare share of tourists), Maria Luisa for pizza, and Le Petit Cambodge for bo-bun... clustered around the rue Sainte-Marthe/ rue Sambre-et-Meuse: foodie delight Le Galopin on the place Ste Marthe, the very popular bar La Sardine (with tables in the square in the summer) and the adjacent café-bar Le Sainte Marthe on the place Sainte Marthe.

        And then there's the Rue Abbesses/ rue Martyrs in the 18th and 9th, Les Batignolles in the 17th, the Faubourg St Antoine in the 11th and 12th, Charonne in the 11th, Menilmontant and Belleville, etc etc. Whew!

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          That's amazing, the fact that you invested time and effort to write such a detailed answer that will be of great help for me too :-) Thanks a lot

        2. Wat do you want to do at the wine bar?

          Most of the bars I know that are full of younger people are drinking and chatting (and smoking if outside) and not really there for the food. And if she has been studying in Paris for a year I suspect she knows the young bar scne better than any of us on the board.

          I like Les Papilles but it isn't especially young (more middle aged). For more general bars - La Palette is better around the art college and school of architecture but limited food. Near St Germain market Rue Princesse has quite a few lively places. However, the Marais may well be the best bet - I used to like Letoile Manquante, Le Pick Clops, and La Perle and some of the other bars around rue Vieille du Temple in the Marais. None of these are really for food but decent people watching and chatting.

          However, if you want food and fashionable (i think it still is) try Le Dauphin 131 Avenue Parmentier or its big brother Le Chateaubriand a couple of doors down - you need to book both. Another slightly safer bet is Frenchie Wine bar which is tiny but the food is good (no bookings)

          1. Thank-you PhilD and Parnassien! That give us lots of choice depending where we are at the end of a day.The area she lives in in the 16eme is lovely but quiet and residential so those tips will be a big help!

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              Oops, I overlooked the fact that your daughter is already a temporary Parisienne. In that case, the less cliché the better. So my #1 rec: Le Mary Celeste on the rue Commines in the Haut Marais

              1. re: Parnassien

                I've been to Mary Celeste 3 times in the past 3 weeks -- fabulous. And, from 5 to 7pm, oysters for 1 euro.

                1. re: Nancy S.

                  Nancy S-do you know if they serve their small plates of food every night or just Wednesday-Sunday? We were hoping to go our first night in Paris, but it is a Monday and we will all need some food.

                  1. re: macdog

                    I'm pretty sure it's every night. Another idea is the small plates at Frenchie wine bar -- exquisite.

                    1. re: Nancy S.

                      Just reserved with Mary Celeste for Wed, May 22. They did confirm they only serve small plates from Wed-Sunday. Looking forward to it!