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Apr 5, 2013 01:04 PM

2 Days in San Francisco

I am working on a group project for a class, and we are supposed to plan a fake vacation using $20,000. The catch is we are not allowed to discuss the project face to face, only on the internet. My part of the assignment is deciding where we to eat and giving estimations for the cost. I was hoping I might get some recommendations on where to fake take my group mates. Money is not at all an issue since we've estimated we have a $5000 budget for when we are in San Francisco, and we will also have a car to travel around the city. We'll be eating all three meals out, so breakfast and lunch suggestions would be great as well.

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  1. But what is the standard for making your choices?

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      The standard is, after I see recommendations I google the restaurants, look at the menus and decide if it's somewhere I would want to eat.

    2. How many people are you feeding?

      Cars are inconsequential in this city. It is only 7 miles across and most people here use public transportation or cabs.

      A "fake" vacation for $20k? That is quite a vacation... With all due respect, it sounds like you are trying to get people on this site to do your homework for you.

      Have you started googling any restaurant menus? You have not stipulated any criteria for this "vacation" other than you need to eat three meals a day. For that, you could go to McD's and spend less than $50 - not Five Thousand.

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        That might be a lavish or tight budget depending on how many people are in the group and how many days they're in SF.

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          It's 6 people not all of us are 21. Where we actually go isn't important; the point of the project is that we are supposed to learn the positive and negative aspects of only communicating virtually. I'm just really into cooking and eating, so I'm putting a little more into this part of the assignment then I probably need to.

          We are supposed to spend as close to the $20,000 as possible.

          I have started googling menus from some of the places that have been recommended and some that I'd already heard about. I mentioned in another reply that I was looking into the leg of beast dinner at Incanto, and I've asked my group if they'd be willing to spend the fake time and money to drive to the French Laundry for the last night of our trip.

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            Six people for how many days? Is the $5000 supposed to cover hotel and car rental as well?

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              We have already budgeted the rental car, and with hotel costs I guess it's more like $4000.

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                So $4000 to spend to feed six people for how many days?

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                    Oh, right, you said that in the title.

        2. How many in the group and what is the age? Above 21?

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            6 people, only half of us are over 21.

          2. Start your Saturday off at the main Farmer's Market (well - maybe lunch). They sell fresh produce, but also food to eat right there, too. It can

            GO TO KOKARI It iS THE BEST Greek food I have ever had. And it's pretty dang fancy, too.

            1. how many people?

              $5k for 2 days is a lot of money. is your goal to spend all of it in the most obnoxious and ostentatious way possible?

              i'm going to assume it is, and i'm going to assume there are 5 people. so $500 per person per day.

              day 1.
              $50 - breakfast at the st. regis. -- whatever and some champagne.
              $100 - lunch at bob's steaks and chops -- a crab appetizer, a filet, a couple glasses of wine
              $125 - early dinner #1 at ino sushi -- nigiri sushi omakase
              $125 - late dinner #2 at r&g lounge -- shark's fin soup, braised abalone

              day 2.
              $50 - breakfast at garden court -- whatever and some champagne
              $100 - lunch at one market. order several crab dishes, and drink heavily.
              $125 - early dinner #1 at jai yun
              $125 - late dinner #2 at farina

              ... and you can sleep in your car or on a friend's couch.