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Bulk dry peppers

peanuttree Apr 5, 2013 01:02 PM

Where can I buy bulk dry peppers?
I want to make a large jar of chili oil (I'm trying to match the oil at Shanghai Bun in Matawan, NJ, which is perfect, I think because it's less fancy with less of the stupid stuff like garlic or priclkly ash or peanuts, just almost all just toasted chilis and oil), and I need a lot of dry peppers.
At most stores, there are only little bags.
Whole foods has beens below where the eggs and some veggies are, but it's $10 a pound. That's still cheaper than the little baggies by weight, but I want a real, reasonable price.

Anybody know any stores where they have a bin to pick up dry chilis by the pound?

  1. loratliff Apr 5, 2013 01:36 PM

    Manhattan Fruit Exchange sells some dried chilis by the pound.

    1. p
      peanuttree Apr 13, 2013 12:49 PM

      OK, so I lucked out and found a really cheap source.
      I went to the "International Food Warehouse" in Lodi (a short drive from where I am in Hackensack, and I didn't need to use rt 4 or 17) and on a rack close to the ground below the peanuts in the produce area, there were large vacuum-packed bricks of dried, chinese-style-looking (that is, small and narrow) chiles. Each brick was about 4 lbs (I weighed it on the scale, and the wrapping is thin plastic and weighs next to nothing), and the lady only charged me $10. She may have just picked $10, because I didn't see her go check anything (my cashier had to ask the other cashier), and there were no prices on the packaging or the rack, but either way you can just say you know it's $10, that someone else you know bought it for $10.

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