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Apr 5, 2013 12:46 PM

Probing question re: Thermometers . . .

What type of meat thermometer is best?

1. Wired probe hanging out the oven door to a digital base readable on the counter?

2. Do wireless thermometers exist?

3. An old fashioned meat thermometer where you open the door to look at it?

4. Any other types or ideas? What should I get?

5. If anyone has a link to one you love on amazon, that would be awesome!


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  1. I am very happy with my instant-read Polder which is not wired to anything, just runs on a watch battery. Reads Fahrenheit or Centigrade. $15. Reads instantly and accurately. So far has lasted about ten years.

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    1. re: Querencia

      My problem with the instant read is that I'll frequently over-shoot the desired temperature.

    2. I love my wired one that sits on the counter. Hasn't failed me in the last 8 years. The one I have is WS own so can't get on amazon.

      There are wireless ones so that you can be away from the kitchen and not miss the beeping. When my current one goes I would love one of those. Can't tell you how many times I have run outside for "just a minute" and got distracted.