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Apr 5, 2013 10:27 AM

Italian Bread

It seems there are only 3 varieties of 'Italian bread' available in Houston - focaccia, ciabatta, and supermarket loaves labeled Italian. None of these is really appropriate for what I want - a good sub roll.

Anybody know of any of our bakeries that offers one? I think it should be crustier and chewier than the supermarket stuff, but not as crusty and chewy as a baguette.

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  1. Central Market has a large variety of breads. The HEB plus stores (parent co of Central Market) have s subset of the types of bread that Central Market has.

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    1. re: txpickyeater

      I've been to CM and several HEBs without finding what I'm looking for. Ciabatta makes a very good sandwich as sliced bread but ciabatta rolls have too hard a crust for a sub.

    2. I've found that the Vietnamese rolls work really well.. Head to the Milam bakeries... The one across from Les Girvals does em right.. Perfectly sized as well!

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      1. re: bornie

        I don't think it's what I'm looking for but I'll check it out. Actually, the roll that Antone's uses makes a good sub/po'boy roll as far as I'm concerned but it's not what I'm looking for.

        I'm a traditionalist when it comes to regional specialties of Texas like BBQ, chili, and Tex-Mex and for me it's only fair when I'm trying to recreate the specialties of another region or country to try to stay as close as possible to the ingredients that would be used there. This is just not good sub country compared to Philadelphia, the Delmarva peninsula or certain parts of NE where these sandwiches originated and are as popular as tacos and bbq sandwiches here. I'd just like to get as close as possible to the bread that would be used there.

      2. Why not just look for a recipe and bake it?

        Maybe call Slow Dough and see if they make what you want?

        Here's their website with a phone number, (but nothing else).