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Apr 5, 2013 09:29 AM

Oak Bar at Plaza

A friend is going to be there for US Open tennis this summer and wondered if the Oak Bar might be open again. Last I heard Tommy Hilfiger was thinking about saving it. Anybody know anything? I saw that the hotel was doing a Gatsby tie-in with the Champagne Room but that is all I heard.

Also is anything where Gallaghers was? last I heard it was shuttered. I would think the real estate too valuable for it to just sit there.

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  1. Hello there Hazelhurst,
    Gallaghers did not close. I don't know anything about the Oak Bar, though. Has Tujague's been saved?

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    1. re: penthouse pup

      Glad to hear about Gallagher's. I saw the NYT saying in late 2012 that it would change hands (I think) and then something saying it would close in February. I wonder if a white knight came in.

      Talked to a regular at Tujagues just yesterday--he lives on Barracks and hangs out there. He had no real information but he is, like everyone else, crossing his fingers. Someone today suggested Frank Brigsten should look into it since he is losing Charlie's Sea Food. I wish someone would go in there and do a serious brisket and maybe Anna Maylie's eggs remoulade.

    2. Gallagher's was indeed in danger of closing and then they were able to close a deal with Dean Poll of the Boat House. Look here...

      I hope he can whip the place into shape. I know it doesnt get any respect around here as a steakhouse..... and I do understand why, they just havent kept it up to snuff...but I've been going there for 30 odd years and love the place in spite of it all. Memories I guess.

      How's the Boat House these days? Havent been in ages. That ought to tell us something.

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      1. re: gavspen

        Thank you VERY much for the informative update on the Old Warhorse. Even in teh 1980s long-time customers (friends of mine) said that it wa "tired" ans i suspect they meant that they were bored. Last steak I had there was perfectly fine (about 2006) but I thought the one at Luger's the next night was better. Of course, the waiters at a Luger's are a part of teh palce and none of the ones at Gallager's seem to have been there for more than a month. No one's fault here..just an intangible. like Keen's Chop House...I love the place but I know the difference between its "Old New York" look now and what it was when I was a boy and young man.

        If anyone has Oak Bar news, please dish the dirt. I know it will never again be the "North by Northwest" room where Cary Grant is mistaken for Mr Kaplan but it holds a strong hold on my heart still.

      2. Knowing the Plaza from the point that I was the licensed plumbing contractor who performed all of the plumbing and fire suppression work over a four year period, when the most recent renovation was performed, I know the owners of the space very well. Since the owner of the space could not get anyone who could make it work, they sold their share, to a group called "Chatwell" who will market the space and see what they can come up with. The restaurant was completely renovated and a new kitchen built exclusively for the space.
        So , it is a chance it will be open next August, but you should just keep eyes open.

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        1. re: PHREDDY

          Are these former owners the ones who were embroiled in the fight with teh building owners? Last I heard theer was a helluva imbroglio with the Oak Bar/Oak Room. They both seem, to distant eyes, to have been "renovated" several times over the last several years.

          "Chatwell?" Hmm. I was wondering at first glance if this was not "Chartwell" that has been buying up all manner of food faciities in recent years. The new restaurant renovation strikes me as both promising and ominous at teh same time.
          Of course, the Oak Bar was, at one time, a stock broker's office so I suppose anything is possible,

          1. re: hazelhurst

            My brother is the COO of Chatwell.
            I am a secured debtholder of Elad Properties, who renovated the premise, and have yet to make good on their debt.
            Forget about what it was...the current owners are business people from another continent.

                1. re: PHREDDY

                  Well, if I am to abandon "what it was" then another little slice of the civilized New York of my youth is gone. NYC had several touchstones that I regularly stopped by on visits after we moved away: Oak Bar, Café des Artistes, La Petite Auberge, sometimes seems that only Bemmelmen's Bar, Le Perigord and the American Museum of Natural History bear any resemblance to my yourh an young adulthood. When, about ten years ago, I realized I was the only man wearing a suit in the Waldorf lobby, the deterioration became whoppingly evident.

                  1. re: hazelhurst

                    Call my attorney...they owe me more than 6 much for your youth...welcome to the world of business...and I am a Ukrainian Jewish person...

                    1. re: PHREDDY

                      Sorry they are giving you a hard is my impression that many people have had trouble. Perhaps your family can improve the aura of the place. I hope so.

                      1. re: hazelhurst

                        Thanks, but that is business in the big apple....

                    2. re: hazelhurst

                      I agree with Hazelhurst, I hate all the old places closing, it doesn't seem to happen in Paris and London. And with the sad situation in the Seaport even more old places are in trouble, like Bridge Cafe and the River Cafe over the river.

                      1. re: bronwen

               is all about greed!