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Apr 5, 2013 09:21 AM

Saturday Night/Sunday Lunch Lyon Suggestions?

Hi All,

I am traveling to Lyon in about a month with my girlfriend, her father, and her twin sister. We are only there for a weekend, and are looking for a restaurant rec. for Saturday Night and Sunday Lunch. We don't have the money or inclination to go for Bocuse or Auberge d'Ile; we are looking more along the lines of Daniel et Denise, Le Splendid, etc.

Suggestions for either meal? I've heard very good things about the two mentioned above, plus some traditional bouchons, but I'd appreciate the assistance!


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  1. We found most of the bouchons closed on the weekends. I don't remember about Daniel et Denise (altho my favorite meal of the trip was their Gras Double) but Chez Hugon is def closed on the weekends.

    Le Splendid will be open, and Brasserie Leon de Lyon is open every day.