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Apr 5, 2013 08:17 AM

Food Events - 2013 - (Toronto and rest of Ontario)

I liked that the Quebec forum has a "foods events" thread. Please use this thread to post about events that are happening in the city or elsewhere in Ontario. This can be one off events, or annual events. Like, for example fundraisers that involve food, or big festivals/events that don't really need their own thread (i.e. Winterlicious/Summerlicious have usually had a seperate thread). Maybe people don't post about events because they don't want a new thread and there is a fine line about "advertising" vs. informing.

So, a couple of ones that I know about coming up soon:

April TUM - April 6th (tomorrow):
Kho San Rd. is doing a Songkran celebration again but this time around in the parking lot across from their restaurant. Other chefs involved including chefs from Daisho, Hawker Bar, etc.. I won't be going this time but enjoyed the water fights at the restaurant last year:

I am not posting about "special menus" in this thread normally but just a heads up that Sabai Sabai is doing a special menu for Songkran but not sure about the water fight aspect :
Eigensinn Farm's annual Wild Leek and Maple Syrup Festival
May 5, 2013 - $160 per person
Ticket available as of today. A write up/more details on Spotlight TO site:

Would love to go to this but don't think I can convince friends to spend that kind of money. Having been to the fundraiser to stop the quarry up north when they were also cooking out in the forest it was quiet a memorable time.

Hope to learn about some interesting events from other CHers!

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  1. Food Truck Eats is hosting its second event at Peller Estates in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

    I went to the first one last year and really enjoyed the setting. It's not nearly as crazy busy as the FTE events in Toronto, and you can throw a blanket down and make a picnic of it. Pricing is the same as last year: $15 entry fee, which includes a Govino wine glass and a glass of Peller Estates wine.

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        1. Green Living Show is this upcoming weekend. I usually enjoy their food related areas. Lot of free samples, plus, there is an area where you can sample/buy food and wine and more higher end food options.

          Here is part of the food programming/demos/vendor info:

          There are various ways to get in for free. Details on their website but includes "ewaste" (i.e. bring in an old keyboard, mouse, computer monitor, etc, etc and get a coupon to get in for free), also if you are a Live Green Member, and other options

          Definitely recommend it.

          1. Heard an ad today for the "Canadian Tire Home and Auto Show" at the North Building of the Metro Convention centre:

            It is free. Appearances by Cake Boss and demos by Lynn Crawford, Rob Rainford and Ted Reader and the main food related items