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Apr 5, 2013 07:09 AM

Lunch Today 183/Lamar

hi yall. I'll be at that intersection at about 1 pm. Im thinking Asian....either near Ohlen or up at Chinatown center. Whats good and authentic lately? I haven't been out much, so i want something goooood.....

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  1. If you want Viet, you've got Sunflower and Tan My right there. Couldn't go wrong with either.

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    1. re: popvulture

      Also, Tam Deli as well. All very good.

      1. re: popvulture

        Man, i couldnt check back again after 11:30. Thanks for the quick suggestions, guys. Sunflower was at the top of the list, but i was with non-committal types. We went to Chinatown center and ended up at TC Noodle house. It was okay. I had thing egg noodles with "curry duck ." it was reasonably spicy, and there was a generous amount of duck. The real bummer is that i left my to go container there with about half of my lunch in it! Man, I wish id gone to Sunflower, though....

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          Next time! It's my go-to for non-pho Vietnamese. I love their bun (often get the grilled pork with imperial rolls), and the five spice chicken is soooo good. In my opinion, Tan My has the best pho in town (and also some great bun bo hue with all the offal-y bits for the adventurous), and of course Tam has the best banh mi. Amazing little trifecta up there.

      2. My vote is Sunflower! In my opinion the best restaurant in Austin, bar none. I do like Tan My but it isn't in the same league. There is a Ramen Noodle place in the same center as Sun Flower that gets absolute rave reviews, you might try that, although I don't know how crowded it is a 1:00.

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          Tatsu-Ya is dinner only. I was just lamenting that fact to some coworkers at lunch today.

          1. re: verily

            Michi ramen has limited lunch service. I found the sides better than the noodles

        2. Black star co op. Right by the train stop good food no tipping either. Also like blue star cafeteria

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            I never thought of that one prior to lunch, but then, after I dropped the others off, I came down St. Johns and ran right into Brentwood Station. I keep forgetting about Black Star......

          2. I know I'm too late, but for next time: I adore Rice Bowl Cafe, which is in the strip mall just northwest of Chinatown. Also, Thanh Nhi on N. Lamar is my favorite spot for banh mi.

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              Oh, I've been there and I like it too (even later response here). It is one of the only Taiwanese-owned places in town, according to my Taiwanese friend. We went there once, and I've been meaning to go back. Seems like they have a small, but loyal, customer base.

            2. Check out the food trucks in the parking lot of the Big Lots.