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Apr 5, 2013 07:08 AM

Ernie's Wine Bar - Bronxville

Saw this place featured in this morning's Patch. Has anyone tried it yet?
It's by Blue Moon. Wondering if it's worth a pop-in the next time I'm strolling through town.

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  1. I drive by there all the time but never noticed it. I may stop by in the next few days.

    1. It's really new, and I, too, would be interested in any reports on this place. The owner is quite the polymath from the sounds of it. It also sounds as if the menu is mainly in support of the wine list, so I would love to hear more opinions on it.

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          1. I stopped by tonight for a few hours. Folks, do not go. Stay away. I don't want my new hangout to get overwhelmed. Oh, and don't talk about it. Keep it secret. ;-)>

            The staff is very friendly and service is good. It's a small place, but the handful of tables have plenty of room between them. The bar is nice sized and you can comfortably eat there.

            Philip is very knowledgeable about wines, and food. He has a limited menu, both of food and wine. The wines are ones that aren't readily available in the NY area. You can't get these wines at your local wine shop. They are a bit pricey, but worth it if you are a wine lover. As for the food, I only tried the home made chicken liver parfait tonight. It was very good, and for $7, it was a complete meal. I spoke with him for awhile about the food and he is going to be putting some fun and unusual items out like pig trotters in aspic. He does a few different terrines each week, and things like quiche or salmon, plus cheese boards and charcuterie. He also makes his own pickles.

            This really is a place to enjoy good wines, and food planned to go well with the wine. Just remember, it is pretty small.

            Next week he will start teaching wine classes on Saturdays. I expect them to be very good.

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              Sounds great but I'm a little disappointed they don't open until 5. I'm usually in Bronxville in the early afternoon (or earlier when the farmers market opens). Still, sounds special enough for an extra effort. Thanks for the report!

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                Here's a more in-depth review:

                Ernie's Wine Bar + EATS is a small but comfortable wine bar, serving wines by the glass or bottle. The selection is carefully curated and consists of wines that are not usually available at local stores or other restaurants. The owner, Philip, is extremely knowledgeable on wines and food. He also cooks all the food, which are daily specials of one or two hot entrees, and a variety of house made terrines, pate, and pickles. Also you can get cheese or charcuterie boards of hand selected meats and cheeses to suit the wines. In addition there are one or two desserts on the menu.

                Over several hours of sitting at the copper topped bar I tried several of their wines, plus sample tastes of several more, as the bartender and the owner helped me decide what to get. All the wines were excellent, and ones I have never tried before. Which is a treat for me because I work in the wine, spirits, and food industry as a consultant and writer. Along with my wine I got the Chicken Liver Parfait ($7) a house made chicken liver pate. The serving was generous enough that with the stack of toast, some radishes, and house made sweet spiced cornichons, made for a very tasty and complete meal.

                They've only been open a few weeks and the crowd so far seems to be on the middle aged and mature side; couples, and groups of three to four. There are around six to eight small tables that can be arranged for seating small groups; and the bar has seating for around eight. There are also a few arm chairs, and a separate wine cellar room with a larger table that can fit up to eight people. So as I said, it is small, but comfortable; and the tables are not too crowded together. This isn't the place to go with large groups; including bar, wine cellar room, and tables, maximum occupancy is 35. Reservations aren't accepted for the main room, but you can you can arrange for the table in the wine cellar room, or book the entire place.

                This is a great addition to Bronxville. I don't enjoy many of the palaces in town, and usually go out down in NY City; but Ernie's will be my go to place for a nice glass or two of wine, and a small bite.