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Apr 5, 2013 06:44 AM

Charlie's Seafood closing


Trying Chef Frank's alter ego establishment WAS on the schedule for August.

No longer.

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  1. That is a real shame. Another case of the greedy landlord.

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    1. re: sanglier

      I am curious about the "landlord" remark.

      That little area of Jefferson Hwy. is hardly booming. It's not like owning an entire block in the FQ. I would have thought that any landlord would have been happy to have Chef Frank Brigtsen occupy that spot. Unless someone wants to buy the property for another retirement home, I cannot imagine another restaurant going in there - but maybe I am very wrong?


    2. That's a crime. it was not on my beaten path but I hate to see another local icon that antedates me fall away. Nothing lasts forever obviously. Look at Canal Street now versus 1965.

      1. So it's High Noon in front of the Long Branch.....Maybe one of them will blink, and a compromise can be reached.

        1. What a shame. I see on the Facebook page they were looking for a new dishwasher as recently as a week ago. But the posts about the closing have a real air of finality.

          I wonder what is up with the landlord. It is hard to imagine who would possibly be a more solid and devoted tenant for that space than Chef Frank Brigtsen.

          1. That is sad.

            While in our few visits, I never thought that it lived up to my personal memory of the original Charlie's, it was always good. Wife was down, on a trip that I was elsewhere, and she had what she rated as the # 4 Greatest Soft-shell Crab of her life, and she has had many.

            I love Brigtsen's, and hoped for all the best in that location, especially as we lived just a few miles up the Hwy off of Sauve Rd, and dined there often. My wife sort of "grew up there," so will be saddened, as well.

            Thanks for the H/U,