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Jun 15, 2001 12:14 AM

Goode Company Barbecue, Kirby TX.

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5109 Kirby at US Hwy 59 713.522.2530. Open 7 days 11-10.

Has anybody chowed down at this establishment. I read Texas Monthly's "On the Menu review " and it sounds promising. Kirby is right outside of San Antonio.

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  1. Hi Patrick,

    Goode Company is in Houston at the street Kirby & Hwy 59. And it's pretty good for innercity barbecue though the brisket is disappointing. I like the barbecued duck best with an extra slice of the amazing jalepeno-cheese bread.


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    1. re: Carter B

      It must be time for new glasses,thanks for pointing out the real location Carter B.(only about 250 mile difference)Jalepeno-cheese bread is one of my favorites ,I live in S.A. Tx. and thats bit far to drive if the brisket is disappointing. Once again thanks for the correction.

    2. Goode Company has 2 BBQ locations in Houston. One is on Kirby just off US-59, the other is on I-10 West between Campbell & Voss Road across from Carter's Country Guns. Goode Company gets a lot of press and hype but consistently serves good BBQ, particularly the chicken and sausage. Some folks like the turkey and duck. The side orders, deserts and bread are also way above average. In the early days, the sauce was much more spicey, but it's been toned down for transplants. Jim Goode sets high standards for himself and does a great job in his other restaurants too. Kind of unusual for someone to do equally well at different cuisines. Definitely try his seafood and Mexican eateries.

      1. See my response elsewhere on this page, regarding Houston BBQ. Goode is the best.