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Apr 5, 2013 06:20 AM

Am heading to New York in May

looking for some recco's on hidden gems type places, great food, experience, something that is not media driven but delivers amazing experiences. Price isn't a concern, any help would be much appreciated, open to all sorts of resto's

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  1. Well, there are several smallish places that are putting out great food but they have also gotten some excellent reviews so that may not met your "hidden" criteria but you can check out:

    The Marrow
    Chez Sardine
    Le Philosophe

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      Thats amazing thank you, just checked out the marrow site, exactley what I am looking for!

    2. Really been enjoying these lately:
      Blue Ribbon Izakaya

      Had an excellent dinner at Kin Shop last night (same owner as The Marrow & Perilla).

      It's hard to find a completely hidden gem these days and I am not sure you can really fault a great restaurant for being discovered by the media... Especially when the media reads food boards like these. Underrated, yes. Completely hidden w/ no presence on Yelp/Chow/etc, not really.

      See also: - their neighborhood guides especially have some lesser known gems.

      1. New York has around 5000 restaurants so your query is hard to answer. I will say that when I was there last month I headed for Ipanema in the Brazilian block of W 46th St between 5th and 6th because I wanted a good feijoada completa, which I can't really find in Chicago. The ambience was fun as I heard only Portugese all around me and everybody else's lunch looked as good as mine. Not sure what would be an "amazing experience for you" but I definitely hit Ipanema every time I am in the city and am sufficiently amazed.