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Apr 5, 2013 05:55 AM

Alchemy- what is going on?

This used to be our absolute favorite restaurant. On a recent visit we ordered a full-on meal: cocktails, appetizer, salads, wine bottle, entrees and the delivery of the food was botched so badly that we will NEVER go back again. The app and salad came at the SAME TIME. Not even enough room on the table for all these dishes. Then, not even 5 mins later, the entrees came out. Mine was not cooked to the temp of my liking, but my bad for not asking. It was horribly unpleasant to be rushed through the meal like that. I have no idea why they did that to us. What have your experiences been at Alchemy recently?

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  1. This happens. It is upsetting, but what can you do? Who knows who or what is to blame - the waiter? Cook? Expediter? Dumb luck? It happened last time we went to Peter's Inn - when we were entertaining out of town guests, at that! I was indignant for a while, but think I will be back eventually. Hopefully it won't happen next time.

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      I once inquired about this at Peter's and was told that the kitchen would not accommodate pacing requests on a busy night. They cook the tickets in the kitchen and the food comes out when it comes out...pretty incredible!

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        Unacceptable. I understand not camping out at a table but part of going out to eat is to enjoy the company. There's a name for restaurants where the goal is to fill up fast and they charge far less. I have never been told that I can't pace my own meal but then again, I never asked.

    2. I was underwhelmed by alchemy for the price. No matter where I go, I set the pace for my meal by not ordering all at once.

      1. Had a great meal at Alchemy last night. We only had 2 courses (app & main) so pacing was not a challenge. Service could not have been better-- prompt, courteous, charming. The food was very good, especially the red snapper. They accommodatingly swapped out a kalamata & tomato relish (I just do not like olives) with spinach. Would definitely return.