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Apr 5, 2013 05:24 AM

Jerusalem artichoke ice cream

I keep reading about Jerusalem artichoke ice cream (at Noma, etc). Since I grow Jerusalem artichokes and I have an ice cream maker, I would love to try to make some. Anyone already do this at home?

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  1. Hi, did not do that at home, have heard also about Noma's version, can try to come up with some suggestions.. Flavors are always maximized in reduction, most of cases.. If you mean for a more savory taste, which is probably the direction in Noma, i would have roasted in low heat the JA, with good olive oil, some garlic cloves, probably green spices like some rosmarin, majoran etc, and salt cracked pepper of course.. Even do it confit style, then char it a bit, it is great by itself, really good stuff.
    From there "regular" ice cream, i would have tried something like one cup of milk, one cup of half and half, one cup of full cream, 3-4 egg yolks and 2 cups of puree, probably half cup of cane sugar..
    I'm not sure i will have opportunity to try Noma's version in the future :-) But this is an idea that might end up nice..
    From there i would have pureed it

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      Thank you (belatedly) for your response. There are some really great ideas in there. I am interested in trying to make a sweet frozen yogurt. If I succeed, I will let you know.