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Apr 5, 2013 03:44 AM

Solo chowing in Kowloon

Hi all,

I will be staying in Kowloon (Mong Kok) for 3 days in about 2 weeks. I am desperately seeking some good options for:
1) Sushi or even better- Sashimi- (non-fancy even a wholesale place where I can buy a small personal tray for take-out). Just very fresh fish.
2) Raw oysters on the half shell. (non-fancy is fine). Just very fresh oysters shucked properly so that their liquor is still in there and minimal shell pieces.
3) Cantonese style seafood especially crab dishes. (non-fancy, casual)
4) A really good burger. Shake Shack in the US is my favorite, it's all about the meat IMHO.

Unfortunately I do not speak nor read Cantonese and I will be alone. I need to go to Hong Kong side for one of the days so I am amenable to restaurants there.

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Based on your casual criteria, for Sushi or Sashimi, I am going to go out of a limb and recommend you head out to one of the really big and exotic supermarket like Taste or City Super (or a Japanese Dept Store like SOGO). Their seafood/sushi departments are a real treat to the eyes! Buy an 'impressive' tray from there, find a place to sit and 'dig in'!!

    Most fish departments also have a nice selection of oysters which you can ask them to shuck for you. However, oysters in HK are relatively expensive due to shipping cost. If you wanted a sit down place, head over to 'Hillwood road' ( side street off Nathan Road ) in TST. There's a few nice oyster bars there. For slightly upscale, try the Oyster bar inside the Sheraton.

    For Cantonese style seafood on Kowloon side, I like the variety offered by Xin Dau Ji ( Cheong Lok street ). If you fancy something different and spicy, try 'Spicy Crab Under the Bridge'. They have a branch on Nathan Road or you can head over to their Wan Chai flag ship. ( Transportation by subway in HK is very very convenient!! ). Be forewarned, crab especially the 'Flower Crab' varietal can be pretty expensive ( in excess of HK $1500 each ( US$250+ ). For less expensive and eye opener experience, take a walk along 'Temple Street' in the Jordan/ Yau Ma Tei districts. Tons of Hawker style stalls serving reasonable seafood!

    Not sure about 'great' burger, but try BLT, the charbroil aroma was mesmerizing every time I walked past them. Best bet for more choices are the LKF or Soho area over on the Hong Kong side.

    Hong Kong is bi-lingual, so you should be fine!!

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      LOL! I did not notice your earlier post prior to posting mine just now, Charles, as the new CH format has some responses hidden until we hit a button to expand the thread.

      But look at my post compared to yours! We ended up with almost *exactly* the same suggestions for Agordo :-D

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        OMG!!! Great foodie brains do think alike!!!!! Guess thats why we are 'fraternity brothers'!!!! Ha!!

    2. For (1), you can try City'super at Langham Place (Mongkok), though my fave store is the largest one - at Harbour City, Tsimshatsui. Their sashimi comes straight from Tokyo's Tsukiji:

      For (3), the first place that comes to my mind when someone mentions HK-style crabs is Under the Bridge at Wanchai.

      As for (4), I'd not tried BLT Burger at Ocean Terminal (Tsimshatsui) myself, but it's been getting quite a bit of attention in HK currently. The queue to get in at peak meal times can be daunting:

      1. HK has lots of oysters flown in from lots of places, but that said, I wouldn't say that HK is really a place for great oysters. As Charles says there are a few places around and The Sheraton has a posh oyster bar on the top floor.

        1. Thanks a lot for the recs everyone. I'm going to assume the crab places will be fine for the solo diner- my big concern is going into a place tht only has banquet tables for 8 people.

          Will definitely check out city super, I can almost taste the uni and hamachi already!

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            I was at Under the Bridge with one other HK friend the other time. I'm sure I can also dine solo if need be - they have several smaller tables.

          2. For burgers, you should definitely hit up MOS Burger which is right inside Mongkok's Langham Place Mall. It's a Japanese chain burger joint. Okay, it's a fast-food place (much like McDonald's) and so maybe it's not what you're looking for. But I grew up on this stuff and I personally think it's better than anything in America. Don't expect a ginormous burger with sheer volume or gigantic patties like Carl's Six Dollar Burger or Five Guys'. If you're into that kind, then you won't get it at MOS.

            You should try their original "MOS Burger", shrimp burger, and one of their rice burgers. I never go to Langham Place without stopping by at the MOS.

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              And if the OP is disappointed with the burger, he can always head over to Chee Kei across, for a good bowl of 'Won Ton Noodles'! Ha!!