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Apr 5, 2013 02:41 AM

North Jersey Korean Tofu Stew (aka sun du bu jjigae, soondubu chigae, soon du bu chigae, soon dubu jjigae, soon du boo, soo do boo)

Now that I'm officially obsessed/addicted to soondubu, soft tofu stew, I'm interested in the mapping the "best of" list for North Jersey, though I've only been to 2 places- BCD Tofu in Ft. Lee & Tofu House in Ridgewood (BCD Tofu is, thus far, the winner). I'd like to add more to my list of to-tries- got any ideas?

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  1. You should give So Kong Dong in Ft Lee a's the place that started the soft tofu madness in our area.

    1. Not really north jersey, but Tofu House in Edison (near HMart) is pretty good.

      1. Check Hwang Bu Ja on New Rd. in Parsippany. Don't know how it rates, but I (non-Korean) thought it pretty good. Might be related to a similar place in Ft. Lee or Palisades Park.