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Apr 5, 2013 02:01 AM

Sushi Sagane - Nishi Shinjuku

Sushi-yasan, I am always surprised at the strong quality, strong knowledge of the masters... but it is not that easy to have a strong heart !! Open your own sushi-yasan, and being unfamous is not the most likely outcome. Well, this master founded a niche in Shunjuku, not like any sushi where he used to work, for ex. Asahi sushi. Just take a look at what 8,100.-yens (tax included) the dinner menu proposes:

Ainame(fat greenling). sumi ika (golden cuttlefish) sashimi
Tai no shirako, best after fugu! (sea bream soft roe milt)
Take no ko (bamboo shoot)
Katsuo zuke cube (smoke bonito)
Sazae (turboo cooked in its own shell)

Sakura Dai (sea bream)
Kasugo (baby sea bream)
Chutoro (mid fatty tuna)
Tairagai (razor clam)
Kohada (gizzard shad)
Ma aji (Japanese jack mackerel)
Kai bashira (adductor muscle of akagai)
Ebi (shrimp)
Kanpyo maki

For a total of 5 tsumami and 10 nigiri. Most surprising was not the 'maguro(tuna)' even without the trilogy 'akami-chutoro-ootoro', i.e. just one good piece !! In fact, this sushi is not the classic Edomae style, but still, 'ma aji' was very good, and 'taira gai(razor clam)'' was hand cut, so it gave that kind of soft moisture not usually found with 'taira gai'. Very good points here and there...

My first time there was in winter, few months before, and I had a series of smoked 'kinmeidai(red bream)', smoked toro, and 'noresore(small anago)' that was also good.. So I do want to recommend this sushi for the amateur of sushi that want to try good sushi, and look at the level of sushi-yasan !! Also for sushi lovers, and those who don't understand pricey sushi, just begin your step with those, and then you can try sushi Uoshin Ikebukuro.

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  1. This is an excellent recommendation, Ninisix, and i really thank you for it. Had a superb meal there last night. Great to find such high quality sushi in a small restaurant on the West side of Tokyo! Very relaxed yet intimate atmosphere. And phenomenal assortment of tsumami and nigiri sushi. The smoked katsuo was awesome. Great place.

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      Thank you for reporting ! Glad you've enjoyed it, I have had already 2 diners there, and the menu was each time seasonal.