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Apr 5, 2013 12:19 AM

Best Korean and best Grinders in Boston Area

Looking for the most authentic Korean and best sub shop in boston area.

Can anyone help?

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  1. Some of the best Korean I've had has been in the food court at H-mart, been to a few other restaurants, but always seem to pay way too much for sub par fare. Are you talking BBQ or other meals?

    1. For Korean food, I'd recommend:

      Kaju - diff types of sundubu jjigae (soft tofu soup)
      Hanmaru - gamjatang (pork+potato stew)
      Manna House - spicy pork bulgogi
      Buk Kyung - jjajangmyun or jjampong (Korean-Chinese noodle dishes), tangsooyook (Korean-Chinese fried pork)
      Chung Ki Wa - jeongol (bouillabaisse-like large stew with seafood or meats), seolleongtang / gomtang (beef soup from ox bones + brisket)
      Kaya - hwedupbap (rice mixed with raw fish and veggies; cold dish)

      Kaya also does an ok seafood jeongol, with lobster.

      I went to Woojeon at H Mart recently and enjoyed their ttaro gookbap (radish soup with rice) and ttukbaegi bulgogi (beef in soup with glass noodles).

      For Korean bbq, I like Chung Ki Wa. You might also try Kaya and ask to use one of the rooms if you have a group of people and want a bit cozier feel. Pricey though.

      1. Not sure if I can say its the best, but I enjoy the spuckies at Bob's Italian Foods in Medford.

        1. I don't know the name of it, but the Korean stall opposite the Chinese BBQ stall in the Allston Super 88 does truly fantastic ok-dol bibimbap.

          1. My top sub shops, measured by their Italian subs, and reflecting my Somerville-centrism:

            Bob's in Medford
            Sessa's in Davis (also has excellent eggplant parm)
            P&K Deli on Beacon in Somerville
            Victor's in Ball (also has excellent eggplant parm)
            Angelina's in Teele
            Vinny's in East Somerville