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Apr 4, 2013 09:41 PM

Late night Shinjuku?

I'll be strolling around Shinjuku after checking into Hilton midnite Saturday. Where is the best late nite eatery with English menu? I'm thinking of strolling the 'yakitori alley' but probably none of them speak English.

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  1. I think Himonoya ( ) has a picture menu, but I'm not sure about English.

    Watami ) might have an English menu.

    Of the two, I think Himonoya has somewhat better food.

    1. I've to the alley and there was no English spoken.
      I just pulled up a stool and pointed at the skewers I wanted.
      Had no ideas of the prices of course and did query the bill with a raised eyebrow and they wrote down the price of each skewer for me, so it all made sense (sorty of).

      1. Both of the Himonoya's near Meguro Station had English menus, and they were both better than the Watami near Meguro Station, but a bit more expensive IIRC. Meguro is not the same as Shinjuku so take it for what it's worth.