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Apr 4, 2013 09:29 PM

am i able to turn leftover red beans and rice into baked beans?

so i just made some great red beans and rice based on alton browns recipe. the main difference is instead of using pickled pork, i used a ham bone i had in the freezer. im just a single guy, so there willl be alot of leftovers. sure, maybe i will eat beans and rice for the next two days, but can i use the left over beans for"baked beans". should i drain off the gravy and add mustard/ketchup/molasses, or should i keep the beans in the cooking liquid and add the stuff. any suggestions?

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  1. you could, but it's really not going to be "real" baked beans -- the beans are already cooked, so if you do the long simmer in ketchup/molasses, you'll have a big pot of melted beans with ketchup and molasses.

    You could freeze the leftovers for later....

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      hey! thanks for the reply.
      i guess i should add that i do know it wont be real baked beans. my father always made baked beans out of canned kidney beans, and dressed it up with all that stuff. so i guess i was just hoping i could approximate that.

    2. I think the rice will make it too gloppy and gooey like wallpaper paste.

      1. Is the rice separate from the beans, or are they mixed together?

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        1. I'd freeze the beans in the cooking liquid and eat them later.

          But if you want to make faux baked beans don't throw away that delicious pot liquor, add to it.

          1. i need to add that i dont have freezer space for anything. im not exaggerating either. i have one of those old fridges that has one of those tiny freezers that either doesnt freeze anything, or freezes over.