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Apr 4, 2013 08:40 PM

Where to buy yellow zucchini in Toronto in April?


Does anyone know where fresh yellow zucchini (preferably local or heirloom-type) can be got in Toronto these days, particularly in the Scarborough/east end/north Toronto areas?

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  1. They show up occasionally at Highland Farms but no dice on "local or heirloom-type."

    1. Yellow zucchini are only local, to my knowledge--unless someone's got a greenhouse dedicated to cucurbita [squash genus] that I'm unaware of--in mid-summer.

      You can certainly find them on and off at individual vegetable stores or some chain/franchise stores (see below) where the owner or manager has a call for them. But they will be imported.

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        Thanks, Kagemusha and pearl3!

        I was able to locate them at Highland Farms (Kennedy/Ellesmere in Scarborough) - Mexican and a little pricier than the green zukes, but worked perfectly in my dinner party marinated zuke salad this past weekend!