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Apr 4, 2013 07:43 PM

Ha....where do I begin....looking for recs. More below

NYC Native - moved from the area about 8 years ago, have lived in many other places.

Going to be in Manhattan Saturday night with a friend, he's lived on upper west side forever. We've both been to many of the "name places" over the years, but this weekend are interested in something new, newerish, or "undiscovered" (if that is really possible) that doesn't break the budget (my budget that is...I am paying).

Eat pretty much all cuisines.

Any suggestions? Have car if we want, probably will use, simply to avoid dealing with the trains (getting too old for that).


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  1. Your request is pretty vague.

    Hmm... A little last minute to be making a reservation for Saturday night, give that it's 11 PM Thursday night.

    How long are you willing to wait for a table? How about dining early or late?

    What's your budget before tax, tip, drinks/wine? Do you prefer beer, wine, or cocktails?

    What kind of atmosphere or scene?

    Preferred neighborhoods?

    Favorite foods or cuisines?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Yes, sorry, I was real vague. Probably because I was simply looking for something to pique my interest and dig further.

      Prefer wine, south part of the Island, SOHO or Lower east probably more preferred areas, but really are open.

      No Sushi (I love it, he can't eat it...medical thing). Other Asian or Asian-Inspired would be fine however.

      Atmosphere - definitely casual rather than formal. Wiould be fine to just find a place where we can sit at the bar and eat....which kind of brings Tapas or a small plates type of place into the mix. Not Italian....for this trip. It's my favorite cuisine, but just not feeling it right now.

      Going to research some of food whisperers suggestions.....

      1. re: masnole

        Just had a great dinner at Kin Shop, there's the bar where the bartender is as well as a second counter with 4 seats looking into the open kitchen.

        Mission is awesome but will likely be nuts on Saturday night.

        Momofuku Ssam is also a good choice given your preferences but will likely have a bit of a wait for two on a Saturday night.

        Love Blue Ribbon Izakaya and getting a reservation doesn't seem to be too hard. If you can't get one, you may end up at one of the communal tables or the sushi bar, as they don't have a ton of 2-tops.

        The bar at Louro may also work.

        1. re: kathryn

          Actually, the people at mission told me they are less busy on saturday than on weekdays (this was a while ago though...).

          1. re: kathryn

            I'll second Louro, probably a perfect choice

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              I'd also recommend Louro, but I have a feeling even dining at the bar may be difficult, particularly on a Saturday. I'd advise calling them to inquire about it.

          2. re: masnole

            The Marrow
            The Cannibal
            Le Philosophe

            1. re: masnole

              Bakehouse is showing plenty of availability for this Saturday. The food is excellent and I like the ambience. Prices are reasonable.

          3. I agree with Kathryn's comment of vagueness in your request. However, just to get the ball rolling I'll throw out some newerish not overly expensive places.
            Pig and Khao
            Osteria Morini
            Mission Chinese
            Blue Ribbon Izakaya
            Casa Mono
            Kin Shop
            Blau Gans

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            1. re: foodwhisperer

              Blau Gans is newerish? How old do you have to be in order to be olderish or at least not newerish.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. The bar at Crispo might work. Lots of favorable talk here that Rouge et Blanc is worth a trip, and maybe easier to get into.

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                1. re: GaryUES

                  Matt Rojas departed from Rouge et Blanc earlier this year, BTW.


                2. Hey All - Thanks for the suggestions.

                  Ended up going to Danji, went earlyishm, had a table in 30 minutes.

                  Fun dinner. Ended up sitting at one of the communal tables in the front next to Tim Matheson.....