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Apr 4, 2013 07:41 PM

Asparagus specials

Besides Old Europe with its Spargelfest, any other DC area restaurants that have special asparagus menus?

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  1. Unfortunately, no.

    I ate at OE last year for the first time in years. It was terrible. They seem to have decided that the secret to all dishes is serve with heavily thickened sauces that smother all else. I cannot recall the last meal I have had where flour seemed to be the predominant taste, and library paste the predominant texture.

    1. Palena had one. Spectacular. It was 6 or 7 dishes if i recall, or maybe we just added a few from the regular menu

      Dino also had 4 or 5 Asparagus specials, but not a tasting menu. Fabulous. Favorites were prosciutto wrapped and Parmesan.

      Local Asparagus should show up at the farmers market this weekend or next.

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        Thanks for the tip about local asparagus. I ago crazy for asparagus and eat loads of it when it's in season. I have to admit I thought I'd miss out on the local stuff not being in the UK this year but I will be out looking for it here.