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Apr 4, 2013 07:19 PM

Pam Real Thai Brings the Heat

Ordered Catfish Pad Ped tonight. The entire staff seemed to get a kick out of this. They all kept peeking around the corner, smiling as they watched the 'farang' girl eat one of the spiciest menu items. 5 peppers!

They did NOT dumb it down. It was crazy spicy, with a great, sourish flavor. Firm little Thai eggplants, quartered and mixed in with lime leaves. I don't know how I got home; I'm still hallucinating from the spice.

PS Had their Kao Soi for lunch earlier this week and it is plain DELICIOUS. Full, rich coconut broth, topped with crunchy noodles - freshly fried, they kept their integrity even in the broth.

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  1. Finally, someone else sees the light. This really is a good restaurant.
    Pic of the khao soi, which we also enjoyed recently.

    1. Ever since I discovered Pure Thai Cookhouse I sort of stopped discovering, except for the occasional Kare thai on 10th. Pure's heat level increased substantially over the last few years.
      Perhaps its time to give Pam Real a try