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Apr 4, 2013 06:29 PM

Best Cochinita Pibil in Sacramento area?

I'm looking for recommendations for the best Cochinita Pibil between, say, Old Sac and Auburn or Folsom.

Thanks for any replies.

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  1. is not in any of those locations, but Centro downtown has great Cochinita Pibil.

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    1. re: jennyfur

      By 'centro downtown' you mean downtown Sacramento, right?

      1. re: SimSportPLyr_

        The restaurant is called "Centro Cocina Mexicana", and it is in midtown, near Sutter's Fort. I second their Cochinita, by the way, it's my favorite. They also have infused tequila's at the bar, the pineapple/chile tequila is fantastic.

        1. re: spineguy

          Oh, I see. I had not heard of Centro Cocina Mexicana, but then I live in Placer Country and do not know many of Sacramento's restaurants.

          Thank you very much for the recommendation, Spineguy! I will try the Cochinita there.

    2. my family, who is hispanic, said it was wonderful at tequila museo mayahuel- i think that's the correct name. downtown on k st around 12th...

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      1. re: toncasmo

        Thanks for the recommendation, toncasmo. I had not heard of that restaurant-museum before.