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Apr 4, 2013 06:16 PM

Does Trader Joe's have a good jarred spaghetti sauce?

Let me start off by saying I usually make my own spaghetti and marinara sauces. But sometimes time is a real crunch for me and on those days a jarred sauce comes in really handy. I like Rao's and Victoria's and buy it when it's on sale.

I went to TJ's the other day and bought a few different varieties because it was quite cheap. Didn't like two of them - both too sweet for my palate. Reluctant to even open the third one.

What do you think of TJ's sauces? Thanks.

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  1. We like the Roasted Garlic sauce - it is garlicky, and I like that it's not smooth. The marinara is good for a fast meal, but from scratch/freezing is probably better.

    1. I like the Organic Tomato Basil. I like sweet, so our palate differs. I just bought a new one that was in the flyer, but have not tried it yet.

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        2nd on their tomato basil. I don't eat a lot of pasta sauce, so I don't have much to compare to, but I don't find it too sweet. Then again, I never eat it "plain" on pasta either but do use it as a nice-add in to other dishes that call for tomato sauce.

        Haven't tried their other varieties, but now I am curious!

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          Also putting my vote in for the Organic Tomato Basil Marinara sauce - it is the only jarred sauce we'll use when don't have the time/energy to make it from scratch.

        2. I find them a bit sweet but I will make a base of tomatoes, garlic, onions and any other vegetables I think would be suitable. Then I sauté them and add a couple of table spoons of the jarred sauce & water. It only takes about 25 mins for me. I also like the house brand for WF. I think it's only $3

            1. Thanks for the tips everyone. RIght now I have a jar of Bolognese in the cupboard. Next time I'm at TJ's I'll try the Organic Tomato Basil.

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                I suppose my thought (after reading the replies) is to just buy good quality canned tomatoes. Sautee garlic in plenty of olive oil, dump in the tomatoes. Smush 'em around, Break them up if they are whole. Simmer briefly. Finish with fresh basil and perhaps pepper (red?) if you want a kick.

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                  That's what I do normally. If there isn't a good TJ's sauce, I'll stick with Rao's or Victoria when I'm in a bind.

                  I suffer from MS, which Annette Funicello recently lost her battle with. One of my symptoms is extreme fatigue. It doesn't help that I am a Type A personality and work long hours like a dog as a journalist. So there are times, rare, but times nonetheless, when I want to just brown some ground beef, add some heated sauce, and grate a little fresh Parmesan over it and eat (I don't eat pasta anymore).

                  I really do try to avoid convenience products, but sometimes they are darn handy.

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                    Got it.
                    Is there a way to Private Message on this board?
                    Good luck, best wishes and many happy times in the kitchen!

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                      I don't think so, but if it's me you want to contact I'm at

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                      "I suffer from MS, which Annette Funicello recently lost her battle with. One of my symptoms is extreme fatigue. It doesn't help that I am a Type A personality and work long hours like a dog as a journalist."

                      TrishUntrapped, My guess (after reading many of your posts) is that you are not the type of person that wants people to feel sorry for you. But regardless, I express my empathy and sincerely hope somehow things will get better for you.

                      1. re: Fowler

                        Thanks Fowler. In the game of life, we all have to play the cards we're dealt. My hand has a joker, so I'm dealing with it. It doesn't keep me out of the game.

                      2. re: TrishUntrapped

                        there is a brand called Silver Palate.
                        they make a jarred low-sodium marinara that is good.
                        imho, it tastes better than their regular marinara: the tomato flavor seems more "bright" in the low sodium version.

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                      We like the organic tomato basil. I use it over pasta, in chicken dishes, with fish. Not "chunky" which is important to my toddler.