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Apr 4, 2013 05:59 PM

Japanese Restaurant for big group

Looking for Japanese restaurant that is good for big group for a birthday party?
Around 15 to 20 people, want to spend around $30 to $40 or ($$ to $$$ on yelp)

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  1. Takahachi Tribeca ---private area in rear of restaurant.
    Blue Ribbon Izakaya is good for big group but will be more like $60 pp

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    1. re: foodwhisperer

      Thanks! Is Blue Ribbon Izakaya good? I checked their menu and I am wondering how big are their dishes. Are the portion big or small? Thanks again

      1. re: LOLO13

        Blue Ribbon Izakaya is good. Some dishes are big some are small. Small dishes like skewers i'd figure 1 skewer for every 2 or 3 people. Beef tongue appetizer is excellent and also share one dish with every 3 people. Rice dishes are big and i'd get one dish for every 2 people , it's filling. Get aji 2 ways sashimi it is about 8 pieces of sashimi and they fry the bones.
        Get a few sushi rolls. When I eat there I usually get a couple of skewers, one appetizer like beef tongue or shumai, and omakase . but I have done aji 2 ways a skewer and rice and a large cooked fish dish for w of us.
        You'll figure it out once you get there.
        Its a nice atmosphere, all the sushi chefs are very skilled.
        The exec chef in Kitchen is very good. It's all good.

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          Blue Ribbon Izakaya sound like a good choice. Is there any other Japanese restaurant you know of under the $30-$40 per person budget? Thanks for all the help btw

          1. re: LOLO13

            You might try the two Nippon restaurants. The original is probably the oldest Japanese restaurant in NY. The first prime minister of Japan (Ikeda) to visit the US ordered food from there to his hotel when he stayed in NY.

            Anyway they are both large, have all kinds of Japanese foods, and are priced $$$ on yelp. Soba Nippon is newer, but it pretty much has the same menu. I like their soba a lot, they even grow the buckwheat themselves, but it is a pretty hearty version of soba, not like Soba-koh's refined thin noodles at all.

            I have never been to EN Japanese Brasserie, but it might fit the bill. I know it has a capacity of 200 or so.

            I'd look for larger pan-category Japanese places, not sushi. Sushi is going to be too expensive.

            If you want cheaper, against the risk of a smaller place, perhaps Hakata Ton Ton. They specialize in trotters but can do Americanized sushi too.

            1. re: tatsu

              Wow, Nippon. That was the first restaurant I had sushi in. Second was Nada Sushi, that was back in 1976. Those restaurants back then had 99% Japanese clientele. Yikes!
              En is great for a large group in their private rooms. But the bill will be above the budge.

            2. re: LOLO13

              Some place like Riki or one of the East branches can probably give you a private area and fix you with around a $30 per person menu. Keep in mind most of the suggestions, including mine, are izakaya, which offer a tavern-like atmosphere. I don't think that should be an issue for college age groups, but just noting it.....But anyway, if you see a place mentioned here that perks your interest, I would call and just try to negotiate a fixed set for price x number of people. Most of these places should be amenable to some kind of booking like this as it is common in Japanese dining culture- although, $30 is on the low end of the spectrum for sure.

      2. $30-40pp before tax and tip? What about drinks?

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        1. re: kathryn

          Well it would be great if it could be around 40 with tips and tax included. As of drinks, majority would be under 21 so the only drinks ordering would be non-alcoholic

          1. re: LOLO13

            That's about $31 for food AND non-alcoholic drinks. Blue Ribbon Izakaya is good but will be too expensive for you unless you all order very carefully (such 2-3 maki rolls each or the $26 sushi platter which is only 7 pieces + 1 roll).

            1. re: kathryn

              Regarding kathryn's advice, Order the rice as that is a very large and filling dish.

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                So I ended up making a reservation at Blue Ribbon Izayaka for 15 people. Can all dishes be shared like family style or is mostly individual?

                1. re: LOLO13

                  They are small plates so shareable but only to an extent. You will need to have multiples of some dishes, otherwise, each person won't even be able to get a bite. The tartares are best shared, say, with 3-4 people max. The skewers are also priced per skewer, and each will have maybe two pieces on them. So like 1 scallop skewer has 2 scallops on it.

            1. re: thegforceny

              Absolutely possible. Especially if you call ahead and planned the menu - we like to do Hatsuhana Park (couple bucks cheaper) weeknight because it's quieter and there's almost always a large party of Japanese in one end of the restaurant.


              1. re: GoldFishCrackers

                Hatsuhana has always cost me closer to $65 pp.

                1. re: foodwhisperer

                  Hatsuhana park is cheaper and if you stick to the set menus then it'll be less than 40

                  1. re: GoldFishCrackers

                    I haven't been to Hatsuhana Park in ages. Did you know that the head chef at Nobu ( 57th) was the head chef at Hatsuhana Park when they first opened?

                    1. re: foodwhisperer

                      That's an interesting fact! Now I know why I find Nobu to be overpriced considering what I can get at Hatsuhana.

                      HP is not at busy on week nights and I can't resist there $18 Ladies set :P

            1. re: Monica

              Unless you can make a reservation, Hagi would be a nightmare to fit that many people in.

              1. re: guanubian

                Pretty sure they don't take reservations at Hagi.