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Apr 4, 2013 05:16 PM

Special occasion restaurant in or near Syracuse, NY

Greetings! My son is graduating from SU next month, and I am planning the family's celebrations! I have dinner reservations at Suzanne Fine Regional Cuisine in Lodi one evening, and The Inn Between in Camillus another evening. I am looking for lunch or brunch reservations for the Sunday which happens to be Mother's Day. Type of food is not important. A comfortable and pleasant ambiance, as well as quality food, is what we are after. I would prefer a regular menu to a buffet or special occasion menu. What do you recommend for a pary of 8?


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  1. Congrats! How "close" do you need to be? Suzanne's seems pretty far away from Syracuse (over an hour), but is that within appropriate range for midday Sunday?

    1. Suzanne's and Inn Between are for dinners over that weekend. Still looking for Sunday brunch/lunch.

      Any suggestions?

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        If you need to be in Syracuse, I'm afraid not based on my experiences. If you can tell me a reasonable distance from Syracuse that you consider "close", I can try.

        1. Thank you sr44. Of these, Phoebe's and Pascale's are closed on Sundays, and L'Adour is moving and is uncertain to be open at that time. I have chosen Arad Evans, though they will have a special menu on that day.

          Thank you for your input.

          1. Am I too late? Congratulations to your graduate! Brewster Inn in Cazenovia but Mother;s Day would be a buffet. Sorry, but I have had 2 very sub-par meals at the Inn Between, won't go back.