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Apr 4, 2013 05:12 PM

pace in hollywood...anyone been there lately?

any reviews for Pace on Laurel Canyon in Hollywood

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  1. The Chef, Sandy Gendel, is now at Sirena in west hollywood. Its on Beverly in the old Pane Vino space at Switzer. A joint project with the owner of Porta Villa in BH, Peter Garland and promoter Michael Sutton (Lodge Steakhouse). Gorgeous room and patio and outstanding food. I had a wonderful lamb shank and the pizza was very good. Very active bar scene too. Kind of hard to spot from the street. Most people enter from the rear patio. Web site is below. Definately on the rotation.

    1. thanks; went to Pace last night but will never go back; my friend ordered desert...$15 for a lava cake and they chg'd $1.50 extra for a little scoop of vanilla ice cream!...$50 for dover sole...pastas started at $18 and went up! service was not good; prices in general were limited...and if you are coming from the city as opposed to the valley you have to go halfway into Laurel Canyon in order to turn around to go back.

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        Try Sierena. Agree with Thor. Great menu and great vibe. I thought the prices were very reasonable for the quality and the patio is one of the nicest in town. I hope they do great. Have not been to Pace though.