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Apr 4, 2013 04:52 PM

places to eat in metairie

places to eat in metairie

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  1. Some more specifics as to what you're looking for would be helpful.

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      I was in town for the Women's Final Four last week - stayed in Metairie for a couple of days before staying in the Quarter on Sunday. Ate at Drago's on Thursday night - really enjoyed my meal. I had the charboiled oysters, very good - but what couldn't be with all of that butter and garlic. I also had Mama Ruth's gumbo - what I like about the gumbo is everyone makes it a little different - I thought this was quite tasty, not overly spices. Topped off the meal with their Wedge salad - simple wedge of fresh iceburg lettuce with chopped fresh tomatoes, bacon, blue cheese and a creamy blue cheese dressing. I thought this was one of the best salads I have had. It was quite busy at 7:30 pm - but did not have to wait for a table, service I thought was also very good. Will definitely make it a point to go back next time I am in town.
      I also went to Morning Call (a few times!) - loved the place - more local than touristy as Cafe du Monde (which I do like) Coffee was hot, beignets come without powdered sugar, you add as much as you want at your table. Staff could not be more friendly.

    2. I am looking for sea food ,oysters ,crab ,crawfish and interesting reginal food

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        Go to The Galley for a wide range of seafood choices, including large, excellent boiled shrimp; Bozo's as hazelhurst suggested; Gio's on West Napoleon for roast beef, meatball or Italian sausage po-boys and a real neighborhood restaurant feel; Chateau du Lac for textbook, well-executed French food on Metairie Road; and down the strip mall from du Lac, Vega Tapas for a wide range of hot and cold Spanish-inspired small plates.

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          A nice list. I'll add River Shack.

          If we can include River Ridge get to Charlies Seafood before the 19th, and the several good home style seafood places in Kenner.

      2. Bozo's Restaurant comes to mind at once (but that is probably because it has been horse racing season and I go there often whenh I have been at Da Track..lots of horsemen there). R&O isn't exactly Metairie but it is a fun sandwich joint. Drago's is another Croatian place like Bozo's. Morning Call, when I can stand to go out the mall, has better coffee than Café du Monde in my view although it has been awhile since I bothered to go there.

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          " Morning Call, when I can stand to go out the mall, has better coffee than Café du Monde in my view"

          ........beignets too by a my view. ~ I go fairly often. My waistline says to often.

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              One thing I love about the area is non-farm raised catfish. Last time I was there Bozo's was delicious.

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                Is Bozo's still open or has reopened? Plus,they have not gotten decent reviews for quite a while.

                If they are closed and you are dying for a touch of Bozo's, K Gee's in Mandeville is run by Bozo's granddaughter who grew up in the restaurant and worked every position. They have the catfish with the coarse cornmeal coating.

              1. Come Back Inn in Kenner.