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Jun 3, 2001 10:11 PM

WHERE are THE BEST pork ribs in Texas ????

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Hi Folks,
I am taking a road trip through Texas to New Mexico and along the way I would LOVE to find the the most fabulous SMOKEY, crunchy, tender, falling off the bone tender ribs ever !
I've only been to one Q place in Texas....Louis Mueller's in Taylor.
Did not have the ribs there but the brisket and links were first rate.
Do they do ribs too ???
If so....are they really smokey and good???
For me....Q has to have a really smokey taste to be really fabulous or it just taste like meat from your oven at home.
So....if you have suggestions and can point me in the right direction......I would really appreciate it.

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  1. You do realize that asking about the best pork ribs in Texas is a little like asking about the best ham sandwich in Tehran. This is beef country. But as long as you're asking, the pork ribs at Sam's in Austin are pretty tasty. If you can tear yourself away from the barbecued mutton.

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      I agree that Texas is beef country and pork takes a back seat, but Artz Rib House on south Lamar in Austin has baby backs that always make me smile. I'm also a Sam's fan, and Bert's on MLK has some pretty tasty ribs as well. Let's face it, though. It's hard to ruin pork on a smoker. Brisket is what separates the men from the boys.

      1. re: Greg Spence

        Pork ribs and barbequed sweet water duck at Goode Company in Houston is incredible, as are Spike's ribs near Ithaca, NY (yes, Ithaca) and Carson's ribs in Chicago.

      2. re: sluglord

        Well sluglord where are the BEST BEEF RIBS in South Texas, I posted a message and didn't really receive much of a response. I was sent to the Central Market in Gonzales and they were great. I live in San Antonio and don't want to drive that far every time I want some beef ribs but I will ifen I gotta. Please don't try to send me to rudy's, they live up to thier motto ...."The worst Barbecue in Texas" and should add totally overated, any help would be appreciated.


        1. re: Patrick
          John Morthland

          Try Bob's Smokehouse on Roland right there in S.A.

          1. re: John Morthland

            try the padre island brewing company ... they are definitely the BEST!!

            1. re: anthony
              Randy in Arizona (RAZ)

              I greatly enjoyed the ribs at the Spring Creek BBQ in Lewiswille. Didn't use the sauce after the first time, just ate the ribs as served. Probably went there 15 times in a 4 week period. Just about drooling thinking about it!

              One warning! Watch out for the hot rolls, I burned my fingers on them one time, they are fresh out of the oven!


              1. re: Randy in Arizona (RAZ)

                Try Ronnie's in Johnson City. Get there early cause when the meat is gone the door is locked.

      3. Cooper's in Llano has some pretty good pork ribs (and a great, massive pork chop as well). Louis Mueller's also does pork ribs, if memory recalls, and I believe I remember liking them though it has been a while.

        In the bbq thread, below I mention liking Kilgore's Country Tavern ribs, but they are more Southern style than Texas style-- which you appear to desire because you say you want "crunchy". Their ribs are super tender and come with a nice smokey sauce. Very good, but not crunchy.