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Apr 4, 2013 02:48 PM

Caller ID

Called a small low-to-mid-price restaurant to see if I needed a reservation for that evening. No answer, no answering machine. Okay, no problem, I'd just call back later.

Phone rings a little while later. It's the restaurant. Did I call them? What did I want? No, they say, res not necessary. Then they ask about the specific person in whose name the phone is listed. I give brief explanation, probably sounding a little curt, and the call is ended.

Yes, dinner was tasty. But the call-back was somehow a little disconcerting, nothing to get wound up about but...maybe a little creepy? Opinions?

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  1. I've experienced Call ID with pizzerias, Thai food deliveries and catering/delis but not a restaurant.

    If I've called a restaurant when they are closed I might get a call back if I leave a detailed message but most times I don't.

    So, did you call during a time period they aren't opened or do you feel they were screening calls or is using Caller ID in lieu of a answering machine?

    If this hasn't happened before I can understand being thrown by the call back but I would probably have been a tad impressed that they did.

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    1. re: HillJ

      I agree -- it shows that they care enough (and are quick enough on the draw) to say "okay - this person phoned my company...the chances are they want to talk to me about my restaurant, so I'll phone them and ask them how I can help them, because I want their business."

      I'd have been surprised, but pleased (and a little impressed) that they took the initiative.

    2. Strange. Why would they need that information? If they don't take reservations why do they need anything from you? Glad that the dinner was good!!

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      1. re: Mother of four

        If there is only one phone number they use it to hold the names and numbers of all the calls they receive including deliveries, staff calls, etc.

        Even if they don't take reservations from customers, they need a phone.

        Sounds like the OP received a courtesy call back. Many a males names was on the ID and a woman answered the call back leaving the restaurant person equally confused.

      2. Too many possible permutations to worry about. maybe they were waiting for a call from someone with a similar name. maybe the phone number is only a digit or two away from a number they know. maybe they thought they knew who they were calling back and were surprised that it was someone else.

        Whoever called, there was no reason to give them any information at all, but its hard to see how it would be an issue unless they were asking for information that wasn't easily available.

        1. Never had that happen with a restaurant but I did get a call back from a local day spa after they didn't answer my call. It was within a few minutes of my calling and not getting an answer. It was a tad odd to me at first, but I appreciated that they cared enough about my business to follow up. (And I scheduled and had a lovely massage. )

          1. Cripes! How terrible! Restaurant misses a call, uses caller ID to return the call and try and encourage the business. Maybe they thought they recognized the name as a regular customer and called back?

            I guess I don't see where the creepiness or disconcert lies...

            The larger question is: why do people manufacture affront when none is likely intended?

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            1. re: cheesemonger

              Not affronted, and generally not the sort of person to take offense. I'm sorry if I didn't make that sufficiently clear - I was concerned that folks would think that. But the fact that I, as someone who generally don't, felt "odd" about it made me bring it up. And the tone of voice wasn't encouraging, just rather abrupt.

              Not the end of the world, and I'm happy to go back there. But please understand I'm not in a snit over this!