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Apr 4, 2013 02:25 PM

Recommendations for a personal chef for a dinner party?

Hi--wondering where people go to hire chefs for an in-home dinner party? Not sure where to start. This would be for 6-8 people.. suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Start with Yelp. The personal chefs that occasionally post here get deleted and accused of shilling...

      1. Many Catering companies can put you in touch with Chefs.

        1. Friends of mine have hired and loved another friend, who's a chef/cookbook author/cooking teacher and lovely person. She's busy, but if you can get her, she'd be great.
          Linda Carucci (510) 482-6462

          1. I haven't had a need for this myself, but


            is an interesting web site that lists lots of local chefs, with resumes, sample menus, etc. They seem to cover a wide price range.