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Apr 4, 2013 02:10 PM

Recommended restaurant supply stores

Can anyone recommend a restaurant supply store in the area? I'd prefer a location that is metro accessible but okay within the 495 loop. I'd love a place that sold (real) woks, wok rings, and no name brand cookware.


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  1. Restaurant Depot but you need a tax ID# and a sales and use tax certificate. Not sure if they have (real) Woks

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    1. re: agarnett100

      Thanks. Are there any supply stores that are open to the public? I really am trying to reduce my Amazon/online orders to support local businesses. DC isn't make this an easy feat :(

    2. I would have added Superior Products/Next Day Gourmet, but they just closed their brick-and-mortar local store.

      Real woks are everywhere if you're not afraid of Asian markets - probably Super H and Grand Mart, certainly at Oriental Supermarket, 5001 Columbia Pike, Arlington (smaller than the above but more 'personal')

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      1. re: wayne keyser

        H-Mart and Grand-Mart only carry the non-stock varieties (yuck)! I will check at the Oriental Supermarket. I finally found Shaoxing rice wine there. At the time, I didn't think to browse for a wok because I went there specifically for the rice wine. Thanks for the suggestions.

        1. I've got the perfect place for you.

          Best Supply (413 Morse NE) in the Florida Avenue. 202-544-2525

          I discovered it from an old thread in Chowhound and my wife and I outfitted our new kitchen with plates and bowls and assorted other stuff from here. The plates were plain white ones that look just like the Williams Sonoma ones for $25 per plate, but at Best Supply it was something like 12 plates for $75 (maybe even cheaper).

          They also have tons of woks, and covers, from the typical home cook size to ones that are (maybe) 3 feet across!

          Pots and pans of all sizes, cutting boards of all sizes and a million other items.

          The place is right near Union Market which is in walking distance from the NoMa Metro stop, but it's probably too far a walk to be hauling a bunch of stuff unless you had a cart.

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          1. re: Bart Hound

            Thanks for the rec Bart Hound. I've relocated to DC recently and need to buy quite a lot of new kitchen stuff so this sounds perfect.

          2. Sysco in Elkridge is small, but pretty good. Haven't seen woks there, but they do have lots of cookware. It's also one of the few local places I know of that sell whole briskets.


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            1. re: 4X4

              The general public can walk in to Sysco and buy stuff?
              I've never tried; just wrote it off due to the corp name.

              1. re: Kris in Beijing

                Yes. The one in Elkridge is open to the public.