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Apr 4, 2013 01:26 PM

Amaya--La Jolla

Looks like there is a sister restaurant to The Grand del Mar that opened on Prospect Street across from George's....fine dining room and bar in the back that could become a favorite hot spot...will try and check it out before I head out of town this weekend....anybody been yet??

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  1. We were there Friday night. HUGE space. Big sound proof room ("Club M") in the back with live music 7 days a week...yet they also had 5 big screen TVs going at the same time. Odd.

    Expensive, plush, but overly designed interior. Extensive wine cellar. Big focus on service, which was overly attentive. Interesting menu with some focus on Southern dishes, reflecting the eager Chef's deep south background. Standouts were the buttermilk fried quail and smoked mac and cheese appetizer and the pork chop entree.

    Mix of well dressed thirty-somethings and the older, retired, country club set filled the venue. My husband really liked it, but the decor was just too much for me.

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      Your husband is a man of highest taste and breeding.

      I'll bet it's good.

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        True about him. I think you and I both married "up". ;D

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        Just got back and like it very much.....very classy, though as a 50 something with my 30 year old friend, I felt young....very nice, classy ambiance and I hope they make it. I had dinner in the Club M section where they had a nice jazz trio performing. They have specials every night of the week--tonight it was baby back ribs (though they were more like short ribs), served with excellent home baked bread, a separate plate of jalapeno cornbread, and green brean casserole. At $24 for the plate not a bad price, though the wine by the glass can be a bit steep with prices ranging in the $15 and higher. I would definitely return and hope they do well.

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          I was here last week. Found the food surprisingly good (although the fried chicken was inconsistent between two portions), and service was really top-notch. The decor though, is really overwrought for my tastes, especially given the type of cuisine they seem to be serving - it makes no sense!

          Wine list is reasonable given the type of establishment it is. As a side note, this might be one of the handful of places I've been to that actually CHANGES your napkin when you leave the table (as opposed to merely folding it).

        2. A couple of years ago, I really enjoyed Lunch at the Hotel Amaya.
          But this location sounds as ostentatious as the hote! in spite of the GQQD foodl

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              Yeah, saw that in the print version this a.m. Guess all of that "buzz" didn't translate into a viable restaurant.

              1. re: DoctorChow

                Never gone fill that place until they "re-concept" the interior design.