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Apr 4, 2013 01:06 PM

Sushi Miyako

Does anyone have any experience at Sushi Miyako? There was one website that says it's Michelin quality. Does anyone know how it compares to like Mizutani, Saito, or Kanesaka? Thanks!

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  1. Michelin might not be the correct and reliable reference for Sushi quality in Japan. I would check out Bento.com and Tabelog.com as well when making comparison.

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      (Bento.com doesn't really cover sushi very extensively - just a handful of places, in various price ranges, with an emphasis on accessibility, reliability and value for money.)

      I think Chowhound is a good place to check actually.

    2. Miyako Sushi (都寿司) in Nihonbashi Odenmacho is indeed very, very good. And it keeps getting better. However, they are no longer accepting reservations from first timers, only repeat customers.

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        oh really? too bad. thanks for the info.

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          That is somewhat inaccurate. They are usually fully booked with repeat customers because everyone books their next meal when they're done eating, but occasionally they do have empty spots they'll allow you to book.

        2. The menu was 2 years ago at 11,000.-yens, but still, to enjoy it, you have to order supplement, and best to be accompanied with a Japanese speaker... It is a sushi a la mode, as many artists go there. When I went, it already had 2 books published on it and spent 3 years on the top tabelog. Actually it is like an izakaya, you won't have the show in front of your eyes!! But reading the last reviews, photos made me want to try if once more.. still I will try to call on a typhon day !?

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            Yes, a couple of years ago the basic price was something like 11,000 yen, but they upped it this year, I think to 13,000 per person per person so. And they were very apologetic about having to do so.
            As for books being published about this shop, I am not aware of any and I kind of doubt that there have been as many as two published in the relatively short time the current master has had the place. I believe Miyako Sushi in Asakusa, with a three kanji character for the same name and a history going back some 170 years, is more likely the place you are thinking of.

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              Yes, there is no many good book about sushi, still Ichikawa-San published a book about Edo-Mae sushi, and when I went there it happens that I met two artists, one shudo women artist exactly, we had the chef for ourselves... is where I learnt about the second book that was a 'manga' published in 2011 !!
              The Miyako sushi you are referring opened last year sushi Watanabe in Higashi Ginza.
              Anyway, you are right about repeating a favorite sushi, the book written by Ichikawa-San had a whole chapter about it ! I have two..

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                In reference to Ninisix' post, no, the place I was referring to, Miyako Sushi, did not open last year; I am quite sure as I have been going there for a lot more than just two years. I am not aware of a new shop called "Miayko Sushi," no matter its kanji. I believe the oldest Miyako Sushi in Tokyo are in Asakusa and Nihonbashi, each with different kanji for the name, and each with several norenwake (descendent) shops, the Asakusa shop being the oldest (from 1866), the other from Meiji, the now a days famous and highly rated shop a descendent of this one.

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                  @Edozanmai, my post was not clear, sushi Watanabe is a parent of a old sushi Miyako in Ryogoku.. don't know how is the main branch though.
                  The oldest, more than Miyaba that is already 200years old, is BentenYama Miyako sushi. It is called BentenYama more than Miyako sushi by the sushi-yasan.

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                    Sorry for the confusion !! So, for your info, here the link of the book I referred :
                    The chapter on Miyako Sushi is 3-4pages(177?180), might interest you. Learning Japanese through reading hobby related books is one of my learning ways !
                    Sushi BentenYama Miyako Sushi was founded under the name Yoheisushi 輿兵衛ずし and then changed due to the Edo earthquake. On the net, it is mentionned as 5th generation for Uchida San, but it is more than that in fact.
                    Now, I tried another Miyako sushi in Taito-Ku, one of its speciality is 'irizake'. But I just don't recommend it ! I just thought you were speaking about another Miyako Sushi in Ryogoku, and got confused.