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Apr 4, 2013 01:04 PM

Quick Lunch in St. Emilion

Looking for a place to have lunch in or near St. Emilion in early May. We’ll be touring/tasting at Chateau Figeac until 12:30 and have plans to tour the underground monolithic church at around 2 or 230pm. Need to be able to find a place to have a quick lunch in between. We do have a rental car at our disposal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. If you have a fixed appointment to tour the church, you won't have a lot of time. It will take you 15 minutes +/- to drive from Chateau Figeac to Saint-Emilion and find a place to park. If the weather is nice, I would opt for one of the several cafes serving food on the square in front of the church. The food won't win any prizes, but the setting is charming and you'll be right where you need to be for your church tour. If your timing is a little more flexible, I would go to L'Envers du Décor, a reliable old-school standby up the hill from the church.