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Apr 4, 2013 12:52 PM


It's pretty "hot" item being advertised. I used it and not bad but I know we don't need to break our wallet for the price of this if we could just mix a few ingredients to achieve the same texture and results. Someone mentioned in another blog that we just mix sour cream and cream cheese, and gently heat over low heat with chopped green chiles until the cream cheese is smooth. Have you guys tried this before? If so what would be the ratio? Any suggestions for the subtitute of this? Thanks!

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  1. cream cheese + enough milk to thin. You could use sour cream to thin also for a tangier taste

    1. Princess, if your local supermarket has a Latin foods section, look for a can of "media crema". Nestle and other makers market it. It's cheap where I am (the NE U.S.A.) but we have a sizable Hispanic population.

      1. I thought it was a sub for creme fraiche basically. Heat stable sour cream like product...

        1. I would also like a recipe for the garlic Philly Cooking Cream. I have checked 5 grocery stores and none of them sell it.

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          1. I just wish I could still get it. My Kroger used to carry it but not anymore. Not sure why they stopped. I loved the different flavors.

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              homemade creme fraiche from cream and buttermilk is useful. i usually make some when any cream is getting old, first scalding and cooling cream. it gives it extended life.